Thursday, July 21, 2011

Co Co Coconut Cake

well well what do ya know??  I made it to posting BEFORE Friday this week!!  gooo meee!!!

This one has been done and gone for a few weeks now but I'm just now getting around to sharing it with you.  Probably because I don't really care for coconut (shock & dismay!) so I don't exactly know if this cake is really good.  People seem to eat it up so I'm assuming it's good!!  I made one for LL for her birthday (which was before the 4th of July..see told you I was tardy with this one).  She must have liked it pretty well because I didn't even have to hide it in her stuff to get her to take it to her house!

You only have to turn on the oven for a little bit so go ahead and make this one!!

Get yourself a box of white cake mix and make the batter as instructed on the back of the box.
Oh but use the egg whites only directions.  I personally splurge on occasion and just buy the egg whites in a carton.  Easier than separating those eggs yourself!

 and put that cake mix in a 9x13 Pan and bake it up.

Once that cake comes out of the oven, take your wooden spoon and just poke holes all around the cake
Don't be shy poke away at that cake

Now you are going to need these little fella's too.  
I NEVER said this was low calorie....don't fret, just do it!!!

That crazy Cream of Coconut can usually be found on the aisle with all the drink mixers.
You know the tonic, seltzer, etc.   It's usually on the top shelf too.

Now pour both of those all over the HOT cake.  Yep...just keep pouring until the cans are empty.
Now you can see where all those holes are and why I told you not to be shy about poking holes in the cake.

you are going to pop this is the freezer for about 30 minutes, just to let it get nice and cooled off

Grab a big tub of Cool Whip and top the whole cake with that stuff.

Now grab you a nice bag of coconut.....

and cover the cool whip with the coconut, then just pop it in the refrigerator until ready to serve!

I don't have any more photos...they ate it too fast but I think it was good and I think they liked it!

Now if someone could come and remove the baked multi grain cracker chips and spinach artichoke hummus from my reach that'd be awesome!!

I'm gonna try and put a post up tomorrow with the Hubsters newest obsession to cook on the grill.
Hopefully I'll remember so he won't be texting me like every hour to ask why it's not there yet!

 Stay cool my's just HAWT out there!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!

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