Monday, July 25, 2011

Machine Mondays....& some Chocolate frosty

well my's Monday again and I'm just tired.  Mentally and physically!!! There is just too much drama going on around here lately for me.  Too much I tell ya!!!  

First up I need to tell you remind you that I love love love my yoga pants.  You already knew that but I just wanted to remind you of my undying love for them but quite frankly when it's been over 100 degrees for like a bazillion days in a row with no relief in site, one cannot wear yoga pants.  The test....find something equally lovable. Enter stage left...the fitness skort!!!  OH MY WORD Y'ALL this is summer's answer to the yoga pant!!!   Seriously I'm in love with this little ditty.  The best don't gotta wear under britches!!! ha ha  TMI I know but seriously, those little suckers are sewn in for you!!  Hey, when it's this hot and miserable outside one less clothing item can be a godsend.  :0)  Try them you'll love them, cross my heart!! you probably noticed Monday Machines as the title of the post and that's because I'm gonna show you my other newest know the one that's earned a coveted spot on my counter top.  Well for the time being anyway, I have a lovely new idea for organizing my prized appliances (remember I'm an appliance junkie) so it may not stay for long but rest assured out of site is not out of mind!

There she is...behold her beauty and splendor for she spews forth icy cold creamy goodness!!
Yes, she is my new ice cream maker.  My old ice cream maker and I are were having some issues. You know it was so demanding..rock salt, ice, then there was the spilling of salty water all over the patio and then what do you do with that leftover salt water, the NOISE and quite honestly the concoctions it was turning out just weren't up to par any longer.  Thus began my research of a newer and better model.

No, she doesn't make the same quantity as the old one but that's ok because no one really likes leftover homemade ice cream anyway.  It just gets too hard and grainy.  We made frozen yogurt in this first. It was good but I was alone, the rest of the family isn't much on frozen yogurt.  So let's make a family favorite...chocolate frosty ice cream.  Try it and see why it's called that!!

First up...grab 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk, 1 tub of cool whip and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.
Put those in a big bowl or mixer and get it all combined.

Then pour into your ice cream freezer bowl.  The new freezer won't hold all the mixture so I just poured the rest back into the milk jug and stored in the refrigerator. We'll have ice cream again this week.

My new baby has a big bowl that you keep in your freezer (you know so it's always ready for that spur of the moment ice cream craving)

You fill the bowl then set it into the machine and put the blade in and the top on. Flip the machine to on and presto chango!!!!!

In about 20-25 minutes you get gorgeous creamy smooth ice cream.  No mess no fuss just pure ice cream goodness!!   I tell you...I just love this machine and I'm so glad I went ahead and made the plunge and bought it.   My next purchase just might be the extra freezer know that way I can make two batches quickly or make two different kinds back to back.  Life is truly good even if there is too much drama for this mama!!!!    Remember you can make this in a regular ice cream freezer too!!
Stay cool my peeps!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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