Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dis and Dat

well peeps...I really had the best of intentions of blogging all the yummy things I've been making BUT life keeps getting in the way.  It's ok...I love it when the kids are home, the house is full and everyone is running a thousand different directions and you never know who or how many will be at the house at a given time.   It's exhausting but it's great.  I try to get up in the morning and do the "chores" so we have the rest of the day to play.  This lets the kiddos sleep and then I still maintain some "order" in the house.
Some days it works..others like today means it's 10:40 am and I'm still in my jammies and robe sitting at the kitchen bar.
However I did want to share with you some Pinteresting crafts that have been done round these parts this year!

This is LauraLoo Who's wreath
I apologize for the bad photo because this thing was gorgeous!!!

This is my Saints inspired wreath that just happened to match our wild kingdom powder room
Also begging forgiveness for this photo, it's really hard to take good pictures in a powder room!

This is now hanging on the girls bathroom door
No- I do not have a DecoMesh habit, why do you ask?

This is the base of the stairs in the house

Here you can see a little more of the full staircase
yeah more DecoMesh...whatever!
I only bought like 5 (or more) rolls of the stuff.

Here is another DecoMesh wreath that is hanging on the hall tree in the entry
yeah ok, maybe a tiny little DecoMesh addiction

well seriously did you expect me to leave the poor tree out of the DecoMesh craze?
Ok fine..... I am Samma and I have a DecoMesh habit
Don't judge, I'm making a MardiGras wreath too...fair warning that this DecoMesh habit will not end for awhile!  I'm no quitter!!!

LauraLoo Who and I also made these Pinterest inspired crafts from wine bottles
they are lovely and we may or may not have used the spray adhesive in the house over the carpet and you may or may not stick to the cordless phone upstairs if you pick it up and my socks may or may not have had garland greenery and glitter stuck to the bottom of them.
We are not the tidiest crafters in the world but we have fun!

I don't know why this is here unless it's just to show you the ginormous poinsettia we bought at the costco.  So far I haven't killed it.

yeah this is just another view of the stairs...I keep trying to get a good photo but so far it's eluding me!

LauraLoo Who and I also made these cute little clipboards out of tiles we found in my attic
There's the peanut brittle recipe on the board...I've made that ALOT this year!
These were cute simple and fun too!

This is cute little wreath adorned with DecoMesh in my breakfast matches the table runner and centerpiece. You'll just have to take my word on that one.

and finally our home...all decked out with lights and a LARGE 20ft Santa.
yes I said 20 foot.  I'm married to Clark Griswold...and that's ok.
I have suggested we make a sign that says "Santa's Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" what with the red lights and all...I was vetoed. bummer.

I promise to be back soon with Christmas crack...also found on Pinterest. 
Yeah, it's that good!

Peace, Love & Christmas wishes!


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