Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Wacky Wednesday

Hey there my peeps!!!

It's been busy busy busy already this week but I decided to drop in and give you a tiny glimpse of what's been happening!!

I've done a little decorating
The kitchen table

The mantle

An owl kicked the bird out and moved into the cage for fall

The dining room table

I baked some pumpkin muffins for a friend.

Also put together a Taco Box Dinner Kit for that friend and her family.
We love you Susie Q and I know your wonderful Daddy is in heaven watching over you now!

Found a frog in my bathtub
(the last time it was a penguin-yes, we are a little odd around here)

Returned to my childhood in snack form.
(peanut butter on saltines- oh yeah baby)

Went to a wedding and had an awesome time.
Ms. Melissa on the left, her daughter got married.
Loretta and I just celebrated with them!!

Probably the thing that's taken up most of my time the past 2 weeks is that we "sold" this view.
(BTW--this is a zoomed cropped view)

For this view!!  This is NOT zoomed or cropped.  The blue tint is on behalf of the sliding glass doors.

Yessireeeee Bob!!!  We sold our lovely little 2 bedroom condo and bought a 3 bedroom right smack front of the building with a direct gulf view!    I've never been so excited and terrified in my life.
Now I'm ready to get down there and look at that ocean and hear those waves and spruce the place up.

But for now, it's chaos as usual around here so let's wrap up the weekend.

This past weekend was Sibling Day at Baylor.
So we saw the bears, they were sleeping.
Then we went to the bookstore and bought tshirts and hoodies and such necessities when visiting your kid at school.    Then it was football time.

My two are just above the Canes chicken signs.
(poor tiny Mere had to spend the whole game being surrounded by screaming college boys)
wait...did I just say "poor Mere"???  Silly me, I should have said LUCKY Mere.
Man when I was 17 I would have given anything to have a big brother in college and go to a football game with him and his friends.   Lucky Mere indeed!!!

It was a packed house at Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco.

Until most all the students rushed the field because of this

Yep our "never give up" Baylor Bears defeated the previously unbeaten #1 team of Kansas State.
With the unbelievable score of 52 to 24.
Yep it was an incredible game!!!

The thing that's bothered me the most is all the people CRITICIZING Baylor for winning.
No seriously, blaming Baylor for keeping a Big 12 team out of the BCS championship....yeah because the other teams would have let KSU win too!!!  NOT!!!!!!
Get over it people, the little engine that could climbed a mountain they never thought they could.

In the end, this girl had a good visit at Baylor with her big brother.
He enjoyed every minute of sharing it with her.
We went back to the hotel to sleep...he got to wallow in the victory with his friends.
I must be old because I think I got the better end of that deal. 

And now we are at today, Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve so I felt it only appropriate to do this little Pinterest inspired food/craft.

Get some donut holes
(Dear WallyWorld, Donut Holes are supposed to be round.  Just thought I should clear that up for you because obviously your bakery staff misunderstood the words donut holes.  Love, Samma  )

Picked the "sticks" out of the snack mix because I had no pretzels.

Got some chocolate sprinkles

Warmed up a bit of cake frosting 

And made acorns!!!

Donut "hole" acorns.   Cute indeed.

And then got bored with making acorns and just dipped the holes into the frosting and put
colorful sprinkles on top!!

You know, cause they're pretty and fun....and yummy!

And like I said on Instagram, a plate of leftover sprinkles in the morning is an indication of a great day!

I'm gonna try to keep you updated on Thanksgiving goodies around here but you know, we have decided to Black Friday shop as a family this year and we're plotting out our stops and gifts and then the BIL and the Hubster are going to try and put the lights up outside on Sunday.   I'm having my carpets cleaned on Monday so my decorating will have to wait a bit longer.   (Isn't this the most riveting bit of information you've heard in the last few days that didn't involve Lindsey Lohan, General Patreus, or vampires??!!!)   What I'm trying to say is that I'm going to enjoy my family and relish my sleep whenever I can get it.   We are a very blessed family, we've done nothing to deserve the wonderful blessings in our life but I assure you I'm ever so grateful for each one and NEVER take them for granted.   This Thanksgiving hug your family, forgive someone and let some bitterness go.
I promise if you do that, this will be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Peace, Love & Thanksgiving Blessings!!!

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