Friday, November 2, 2012

Fruesday Fun & Tumblings

Oh peeps...I know I know. I'm so ashamed!!!
I have the best of intentions but then.....a party keeps getting in the way.   1 week and 1 day from today I am throwing the Hubster a big ole' you are turning 50 party.  I'm scrambling people, just scrambling.  Things are not coming together as I planned and I've spent the bulk of this past week on my keester in the chair on the laptop.  By the time this is over UPS and I will either be the best of friends of the worst of enemies!!! we are getting Tuesday Tumblings on Friday Fun.  Kinda Fruesday if you will.
So with out further ado....what's been happening other than massive party planning panic attacks.

1)  Pumpkin Spice Latte....if I could write you a poem and woe you into staying in my life forever I would.

However, you CAN buy the Via packs of Pumpkin Spice Latte and whip it with warm milk.
Almost just as good. You know for those times when you don't want to change from your pj's to run to Starbucks kinda days.

2) A couple of the REALLY bad meals I've eaten this week.  It's not been a cooking kinda week at all.

I had this for lunch one jello with whipped cream.
Works for me.

We did make home made pizzas one night.  
I love pizza. If you could marry food, I'd marry pizza.

Oh yes I did.... I put pumpkin spice creamer in my oatmeal.
(those are craisins by the way)
I might be a Pumpkin Spice Junkie....maybe.

3) Last Friday Night was football and it was VERY VERY VERY cold.  It's gonna be 90 today.
Welcome to Texas.

I really do love this sight on Friday nights

Our little Mere was fah-reez-zing!!
She's always cold but she was bundled up that night.

Silly porcupine...those aren't for your head.
The one night everyone wished they could wear the mascot costume.  He was warm!

4)  Saturday was off to Austin to watch the Abogg play some baseball.  They only play 3 series in the fall.  The first series got rained out, we watched the second series and the third series is the day of the party so I won't get to watch. I'll be home freaking out completely.  Now I have to wait until Spring for baseball games.  So not fair!

Warming up. 
And yes, it was still a bit on the chilly side on Saturday.

He's up to bat.

It's a swing and a great hit to centerfield.

He's off and running

Arriving safely and batting in a run or two.
I can't remember.  I get very excited watching him play.

This was my view for two games.  The Abogg is somewhere in right field behind my foot.
Don't you just luurrvee my new yellow kicks.
They are the bomb.

5)  It was Halloween this week

So Big Frank went up in the yard.
Some little boy told me I should have dressed him up like Frankenweenie.

This is me, where I sat most of the night.
We have a lot of trick or treaters.
It's just easier to sit outside than to keep opening and closing the door.

This was the bowl in my lap.
Temptation overload.

This is our neighbors yard.
My husband is NOT happy.  He's being outdone in the
inflatable category.  Please pray...goodness knows what will happen in our yard next year.

Trick or treat fun

More trick or treaters
See the neighbors, we all just sit outside.

On a side note....we had like 50 Buzz Lightyears this year.
When did Buzz make such a comeback??

Since he was outdone in the inflatable category the Hubster just HAD to have his picture made with a storm trooper.   This man said he and about 9 of his coworkers dressed up as various Star Wars characters at work.  They got 2nd place, beat by an 80's group.  Seriously!!! Who voted for the winners, Molly Ringwald?  No way 80's trumps Star Wars just no freaking way!

6) I ordered these this morning.  They are the new Toms Movember shoes.  I wanted them so badly last year and never got them so I jumped on them this morning when I got the email from Toms.  
If you don't know what Movember is then start by looking at this site.  Then encourage your men to show support by growing their own Mo or participating in No Shave November.  The men are awesome about the pink in October, don't you think it's only fair we support the mustache??!!!

7) Finally today I must remind you that Tuesday is election day.  If you haven't already--VOTE!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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