Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fun Lists

Lately I've noticed many many of my favorite bloggers have lists on Friday.  Some are their Instagram photos, some are favorite posts they've seen on other blogs, some are favorite Pins from Pinterest and some are just random thoughts and ponderings.  So I might give this a whirl, my Tuesday Tumblings post are primarily from my Instagram photos and various things I have taken pictures of so my Friday Fun List will just be random stuff I see on the internet, pinterest, Facebook, crazy ideas, fond know things that have no category to fit into.  Sometimes I might even do a list of lists, you just never know.  I've decided on 7 things each know cause there are 7 days in the week...duh!!!  Did I mention some of the items might be a bit snarky?   Well they just might be.

So Here we go with the first ever Friday Fun List:  

1) You know how annoying it is to see that blinking blue light on the Keurig machine because that means you need more water?  Well, my sweet Hubster, who hates coffee, has this thing about always filling it up before it starts blinking! I mean come on how awesome is that?  You'd think it was awesome too if you used pretty much a whole reservoir a day like I do.  I drink a LOT of tea and pumpkin spice coffee.  Just something sweet I've noticed he does and I REALLY appreciate it.
Kind of like he fills my car with gas....cause I'm a princess and I just hate having to do it.

2) Halloween needs to come and be gone. There are too many of these items hanging around.

Hey I'm not crazy ("my mother had me tested"--Bazinga!) EVERYBODY knows you only buy the Halloween candy you like just in case you get stuck with leftovers.

3) Beautiful new babies were born this week, this is one of them.  Her name is Molleigh and I think she's just the bees knees.  I bet she smells divine.....I also think my uterus is lonely but that may be because it was just "boiled out" again for the second time last week.  Maybe I'll just go hold Molleigh and smell her head and not talk about my uterus anymore.

4) My husband is turning 50 in a couple of weeks. I'm throwing a HUGE party for him......I really need to get the food ordered, the invitations mailed, the tents and tables reserved.  Maybe I'll just take a nap instead. I'm afraid this is what we will get if I don't get busy.  Yes, I'm on a Sheldon kick this week.

5) After spending hours upon hours the past few months to find new bedding I've decided I'm changing it for the holidays.  This is my inspiration.  Please don't tell my husband.

oh hey Hubster....just go back and reread #1.  Love you!! :0)

6)  Quite frankly I spend most of my week looking forward to Tuesday nights.

Let's just say if I was 20 years younger and single....I'd hunt this guy down like a crazy woman

Hi again worries I'm not 20 years younger & I'm happily married.  Love you again!!

7)  Finally I've found the most hilarious blog this week.  I'm not sure why I haven't found it before but I'm so glad I did.  I should tell the Hubster to read it, he could probably sympathize but his would have to be "So I Married A Food Blogger.....That Apparently Has Forgotten How To Cook"  might be a little wordy but we'll work on it.  In the meantime, just read Trevor's blog.  It's good for a laugh!

Peace Out Peeps!!!

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