Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Tumblings -- It's October!!!

Hey ya'll it's October??  WOW how on earth did that happen.  I've so much to do in such little time and now that I can officially put up my Halloween decorations without the Hubster thinking I'm a nut job I suddenly have too much to do to worry with it.  Ah well...they will get up sometime soon enough I suppose.

Here's what my phone's been up to this past week.
This was Strawberry Lime spa water, it was OK.
Blackberry Sage & Apple Cinnamon are still my two favorites.

I started a craft project last week.  I just finished it last night.
This is pretty much what the coffee table has looked like for the week.

side note: that's one of the wreaths made from book pages...can you say T E D I O U S????

I subbed in a first grade class last week.
These are only 2 of the many books we read that day.
I'm going back to first grade they have better books.

Thursday night I took a little drive with the Hubster to go see something and it was very very late and I was starving like marvin so we stopped at the Fuzzy's and got ourselves this for dinner.
It was way too late to eat those nachos but man they were good!
I had a roll of Tums when I got home.

This was Friday night.
Yes it was raining and yes, we got soaked.
No those aren't trash bags they are rain ponchos.
Those poor little tiny cheerleaders were freezing too.

Does anyone besides me think this field looks like it dropped right out of a Friday Night Lights episode??!!!   I swear all night I kept looking for this person:

sadly he wasn't there. 

Neither were these two.  Guess it wasn't my lucky night.

This is a crappy photo of the other teams mascot.
Their mascot is the Steer.

I liked it but the Hubster just kept saying this:

which was totally cracking me up except the people around us probably didn't find it very funny.

p.s. Watch the volume- it's from Full Metal Jacket so it's not "clean"

Saturday morning the Hubster was off bright and early to bring this behemoth home.

I'm pretty sure it's like driving a school bus.
Well, the short bus anyway.
It will probably be a really really good idea if I never have to back this up or park it.
You know for the safety of those around me.

Hubster calls it the Condo Cruiser and I call it the Jolly Green Giant.
It's not new, matter of fact it's 11 years old. 

It rained all day Saturday and I was in and out and wet off and on all day long plus sitting in the rain Friday night so I got to go see the doctor today.  

Got me a case of the Bronchitis.
Probably from that Foos-ball game in the rain.

Doesn't that sound like something "Mama" Boucher would say?
If you don't know who Mama Boucher is just come to my house.
You'll know before very long all too well who the Boucher's are.

I went to a baby shower on Saturday.  This is a picture of two very wonderful ladies that I'm glad to call my friends.  We always have so much fun and laugh like crazy.
You just have not laughed until you have us "name the baby" as we are waiting for it to birth.

(don't get all freaked out...it was a game.  We each had one of the little babies, like in the Mardi Gras cakes, frozen into an ice cube and in a plastic cup.  We could swirl clank that ice cube around all we wanted but no pouring anything on it. Whoever had the first "birth" won the prize. )

We are going out of town for a bit and are trying to eat up everything in the refrigerator.
Am I the only one who does this? Surely not but anywho.....
I found some leftover macaroni & cheese and then i found some leftover queso dip.
And I said....Hey Samma, why don't you mix those two and see what happens.
See what happens when I'm home alone???
HOLY SMOLEY that's good stuff.  I've finally made the Hubster a mac & cheese lover.
Seriously...try it.  And why has no one done this before???

Yes I fed the Hubster Beans & Weiners last night. 
He asked for it...we had leftover hot dogs we needed to eat too.
I just scarfed on the mac & cheese.

So how was your week?
Anything new and exciting??
Anyone else letting their allergies get the best of them?

Peace, Love & *cough* *cough* Yummies!

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