Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hey Peepers!!

yeah yeah I know, go ahead and say it I'm the worst blogger in the world.
I've been as busy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs!!

We've had some crazy good things going on around here and while I've eaten out a whole lot I haven't taken any pictures but I did want to take a moment this morning to tell you about one place new we tried on Sunday night.   You know Sunday night, when the company was all gone and the festivities were over, when you've already cooked once that day and you only got 4 hours of sleep because you and the two oldest kiddos went to see this at 11:15 after graduation kinda tired that cooking is not even on the radar but your grumbling tummy is.

Sorry, I had to tell you about this movie first.  OH MY GOODNESS!!  Between the action and the eye candy I could just barely contain myself!  Seriously, it's the number 1 movie  since it debuted for a reason.   I might see it again, yeah you heard me.


On Main Street in Keller, Texas.  
Thursday nights are biker nights so it's pretty packed then and under 21 not allowed after 10 pm.  on any night. 
They have lots of outdoor seating, live bands and excellent food.

Abogg and I had The Duke burgers and the Cullster had a Pig on the Rock.
Mere tried out those Loaded Nachos and the Hubster had the Barnyard Brawl.
Here's a link to the menu and the above link gets you to the home page.
Give them a try, the burgers will not disappoint you!

Not our food, but it could have been.   Excellent burger!
We sat out on the picnic tables and man, it was nice and so yummy.
We'll definitely be going back to this place!!!

Ok, so I gotta run right now because today is the day I drive the Abogg to Waco so he can leave for geology field camp.  He won't be back until July from his galavanting across the West checking out rocks and whatever else geology people check out.  Quite frankly I never understand about 90% of what he tells me but I smile and nod because he likes what he's learning and it's good when he gets excited about the career field he's chosen.   We leave for the beach on Friday, hallelujah, hallelujah but I've got soooo much to do before then but I'm gonna TRY to keep you guys updated, at least on the food.  Beware however we are stopping in New Orleans for the day/night on Friday so my disclaimer is being issued now.  I'm really not responsible for the photos I post on Friday/Saturday.

Take care peeps & have an awesome day!
Make someone smile and be nice to a grouchy person.  Your smile may be all they need to have a better day!!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!

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