Saturday, May 25, 2013

Basket Giveaway

Hey Peeps!!
Do you like to send gift baskets? Receive gift baskets?  Win gift baskets?   Well the folks over at AA Gifts & Baskets are hosting an amazing Food Gift Basket giveaway!! Yep, you heard me right a basket for you or a friend if you are feeling nice but it's valued at up to $150 and you get to pick the basket yourself.  They have over 80 amazing gourmet food baskets to pick from, you know so you don't end up getting say coffee when you'd rather have cheese!!
I've browsed around and picked out just a few that caught my eye.

This is the Ghirardelli Classic Basket, it's full of all kinds of Ghirardelli chocolate goodies.
A great idea for that friend who's going through a rough patch and you can't be there but want her to know you are thinking about her.   Maybe someone just got a new promotion and you want to celebrate with them, nothing says happy happy like chocolate.

Another goodie is the Taste of Texas basket.  Look at all those yummy Texas treats and maybe you know someone who is moving to Texas or gonna head off to college in this great state, send them a Texas Howdy gift basket style.
And what about this Party Starter Gift Tub?  Know someone who just moved?  This would be an awesome let's break in the new house with a party basket.  Hey, you gotta get yourself invited over somehow right?
This little All American Snacks Care Package is an example of the baskets we'd send the college kids during finals.   Some goodies to munch on during those late night study sessions at the library and to let them know we were thinking about them.  A coffee house gift card and a free pizza coupon added in lets the students know you really care about them and those good grades.  No need to spend the time at the convenience store searching for goodies when you could be studying and munching on the good snacks!!
What about that kiddo maybe having a little surgery? Hey gift baskets aren't just for big kids...the little fellas like to know you're thinking of them.  A cute basket like this can take their mind of the yucky stuff for awhile.
What about this Family Game Night basket? No one ever said you can't send a basket to yourself!
Maybe your family is going on a big camping trip this summer, be the mom who pulls this cool family gift out one evening around the campfire or even one Friday night when you find the whole family at home!  What the what?  Everyone home at the same time?  That's a reason to celebrate!

And finally what about this cute basket for that college student leaving in the fall (hmmm, Merebear maybe??), someone moving to a new apartment or hey, send it to yourself to jumpstart that cleaning spree you've been meaning to get right on.  

I could go on and on and on about 80 more times because that's how many baskets you'll have to choose from!    You can have your pick from the Gourmet Foods gift page. So enter below and go browse around and see what strikes your fancy! Then tell me in the comments which basket you'd pick. 

So now you just have to enter!  The contest ends June 2nd so don't dilly dally around, get to it!
This contest is open to all residents of the 48 Contiguous States and only to those 18 years of age or older!
Let's get started, just use this Rafflecopter and enter now!!  Good Luck Peeps!!!
(please see giveaway rules summary below for all the deets)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget to fill out your entry before midnight on June 2nd and hey, if you win PLEASE make sure you let me know! Oh and take pictures and I'll post them here on the blog!!   I would love to see one of my magnificent peeps win this goodie!       


Giveaway Rules Summary
 Any of the options for entry are acceptable and entries per person are limited to the number indicated in this contest form. Entries will be reviewed and any duplicate or incomplete entries will be removed.
NOTE - You must complete the specified entry task in order to be eligible to win the contest.  If you click the entry button without completing the task, your entry will be disqualified from winning.
If you have issues using the Rafflecopter form, be sure you are running the latest version of your web browser and JavaScript.
Winners are picked randomly.  The lucky winner will receive their choice of Gourmet Gift Basket (valued at up to $150) from the Gourmet Food Baskets page.
Prize will be fulfilled by the contest sponsor
Winners will be notified via email, so please provide a valid email address. Winners must respond within three days of being contacted. If you do not respond within that time, another winner will be chosen.
The full list of rules can be found here.
Giveaway ends at midnight EST on June 2nd, 2013. The giveaway winners will be announced by June 9th, 2013

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