Friday, May 17, 2013

Keeping it Real on the Meals

Happy Friday Ya'll

Now that we've got a little dancing out of our system let's talk about keeping the meals real!

The Hubster has been in New Jer-zee all week so the kids and I have been chilling and having dinner.
I have Made dinner every night and it hasn't all been from scratch but let's get real, how many of us have the time or energy to do that every single night??  We're keeping it real here so this is what this week has looked like.   (partially anyway)

Monday:  Mr. Health Miester Abogg wanted fish so I dug around in the freezer and found some frozen spanish mackeral from this trip

We baked that up in just some olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika with sliced lemons on top.
Yummy, very yummy.   We also had some of leftover rice, corn and green beans and Abogg and I had some salad.  Mere just had corn, green beans and chicken nuggets.


We had these burgers on the wheat sandwich thin buns, some sweet potato fries and some regular fries and tater tots.  Basically I cleaned all the handfuls left bags of frozen potatoes in my fridge.  We baked them all up while Abogg and his bud Fluty grilled the burgers.  
(We buy these burgers at Costco and occasionally Sam's Club in case you were wondering)

Wednesday night it was just the Mere and I and quite frankly I use her as my excuse to eat otherwise unwise meal choices.   We had the Schwan's frozen corn dog nuggets, baked beans and the mac & cheese from the box.  Yessireee bob, the orange stuff.  Don't judge, you know you've done it too.
(I always add a little extra butter and milk than it calls for and a little extra cheese).  Makes it less "orange" and tastes better.

Wednesday LL and I went to lunch at this fabulous new place Canteen in Boyd.  I had the Greek Salad Hummus Wrap with slaw for lunch.  I only ate half so this is the other half I brought home, that was breakfast!!  Just as good the next day!

Thursday evening we met our "circle" of friends and had dinner at a new place in Roanoke, Los Molcajetes.   I had the sampler platter from the appetizer menu. It was pretty tasty as were the margaritas.  I'd show you a picture but I didn't take any because we were all 1)hungry and 2) excited to catch up after a few weeks of not getting together.  So the chatting was rampant told especially by the fact that the girls were on one end of the table and the guys on the other.

Later Hubster and I came home and had some of this:

the Merebears birthday cake.  Yep the baby of the family is not a baby anymore.
She's 18 and buying lottery tickets and stuff.   She had dinner with her mom last night so we're doing the birthday dinner tonight, still don't know where we are going either.  She's may be 18 but she still takes forever making a decision!!!   We love her anyways, Happy Birthday Mere!!!!

So that's it. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, just dinner.  We did sit down almost every night together and eat as a family and in the end, isn't that the most special part of dinner?
Till next time...keep it real peeps!!!

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