Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TuTu Tuesday Tumblings

Hey there Hi there Ho there Peeps!!   It's TuTu Tuesday so let's dance.

yeah, I know I sorta promised we'd get back on the food blogging but let's face it, I'm currently experiencing technical difficulties.  So forgive me and let's just enjoy todays edition of Tuesday Tumblings.  Shall we?

We had grilled steaks, baked potatoes (or sweet potatoes in my case), salad and Texas toast.
(oh, that's blue cheese butter on my steak and it was da bomb so here is your recipe of the day:  butter, blue cheese, mix well, chill) I think we are having burgers tonight and that baby will find it's way onto my black bean burger I'm sure.

Ok, breakfast confessions.   I am a fan of eating the same thing day after day...for breakfast.  I can get on a kick and stay there for months and never feel bored or want anything else.  Lately it has fluctuated from a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter, banana and honey to a whole wheat flatbread sandwich of boiled egg and laughing cow cheese. But now, oh me oh my, I'm loving mashed avocado and sliced boiled egg on toasted whole wheat flatbreads.  mercy mercy me, I sure hope avocado's stay reasonably priced for awhile!   Please tell me you do the same with breakfast?

The weather has been crazy this year, hot then cold then hot then cold but whatever my rose bushes are loving it!!

Flower update, I now know what that mysterious tall plant is, Hollyhocks.
They haven't bloomed just yet but that's what they are, mystery solved.
Oh, I'm having serious pink flamingo love this year.

Roses outside kitchen window and those are gladiola's popping up in there.
I found this really awesome flamingo and I think he would be awesomesauce all up in there too!

tell me he's not the bomb?!
(I have a small one at our beach condo too)

roses outside our bedroom window and my hidden wisteria bush is finally growing.
whoop whoop

This was planted last spring and it grew last year but never had a single rose on it, this year WOW...it's blooming (and growing)  like crazy!

So this is my kitchen the night I made PW's Fried Chicken Tacos and if you click on that link you may notice her first comment is how messy these are to make. She is NOT FREAKING KIDDING!!
oh mercy what a mess but oh so worth it, so worth it.
Helpful hint:  make sure you have some help in the kitchen assembling these when they come out of the hot oil and be ready to eat dinner right away after frying. 

I also made her Mexican Rice.  Now the night we had it we were all like eh...take it or leave it.
Then Abogg comes home and proclaims this rice AMAZING so we had some baked spanish mackerel for dinner last night and I heated up the leftover rice to serve with the fish and man, he wasn't kidding this rice is crazy good.   It's not too messy to make either.  

Keeping on my Instagram photo a day challenge I give you the recent additions.
(# hashtags are in front of that days prompt)
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I'd love to have you and I'll follow you right back!

Unnecessary #sunglasses on a rainy day

This photo was to enter the contest for a Soda Stream party.  4th times a charm hopefully!
Caption:  All this backyard needs is a #SodaStream party

My newest snack obession: honey greek yogurt with a big spoonful of peanut butter and mini chocolate chips stirred in.  Thank me later people cause this is sooooooo goood!!!!

Barely made it outside to catch the last bit of #sunset for this day.

I'm blessed beyond words to be this guys #mom

Good #friends sharing beignets and laughing, that's a good life indeed.

A precious #memory of my grandmother.

That's my pigpen sliding into second.  He's a thief in the night protect your base.
(If you see this photo in regular size there is a big dust cloud around him).

So what have you guys been cooking up?  Anything yummy?
Is your house getting crazy this time of year??  

Hopefully soon I'll resolve my personal technical difficulties and be back on a regular basis!

Peace, Love & Tu Tu's 

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