Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings May 7

Hey Samma,  it's not Tuesday it's Wednesday!!  Is that what you are saying right now?

Yep, I know it's Wednesday, it's Sprouts day you know, but I read a blog post this morning that just may have been the kick in the blog pants that I needed.  My cooking and blogging has been in a funk lately and when I read this sweet re-post from Little Miss Momma well I just felt all inspired again and remembered that my grammar doesn't have to be perfect, my food doesn't have to be fancy and my words should just be "me". Nothing more, nothing less and my bloggy friends will still be there. In the celebration of keeping it real we shall now have Tuesday Tumblings on Wednesday.

First up....the Merebear had a wee little accident.  Car in front of her stopped and poor Toothless (her car) didn't.   Air bags deployed, car totaled, Merebear only had a cut on her lip.  Toothless was a good car.   We've found her a new one and hopefully this weekend we will all be back to driving normalcy.

The weather has just been delightful and this fatty fatty boom ba latty has been enjoying basking in the sunshine.    We hit mid 80's yesterday and he wandered back into the house, poor thing spring is too short lived in Texas.
(as an update, he really is only 6 months old)

In other dog news....Sir Winston seems to have some serious food intolerances and I'm still cooking for him.   This morning he had scrambled eggs with spinach and cottage cheese followed by a second course of oatmeal and applesauce. Dang dog is eating better than we are!    Nothing like the highlight of your day is going to the yard and inspecting poo to see how he's reacting to the 50 bazillionth food you've tried.  File that under First World Problem #78.

Back in November I posted this picture of the gorgeous fancy smancy necklace that Southern Living and Coldwater Creek sent to me, just because.  I blogged about it and posted pics and was generally just all around mucho grateful for it and I assumed that was the end. But then out of the blue and completely and wonderfully unexpected....... Coldwater Creek sent me a $250 gift card.  Yeah, you heard me TWO HUNDRED FIFTY smackaroni's!!! 
Seriously, I was stoked and now on the lookout for some CC bargains.

I finally spotted a doozy sale one day (you know cause I'm cheap  thrifty and I wanted to maximize my windfall) so I got the above items for oh about $115 bucks.  So yeah, I still gots money all up on that gift card.  And let me just say, regular value of those items, $280.  Oh yeah baby!!
That green silk shirt was the most expensive of the items but I love it so it was worth the splurge.
So from the bottom of my pea picking heart....THANK YOU Coldwater Creek!!!
muah muah muah  kisses to you!!

Since technically this is a food blog I have really been making dinner and this is one of those examples where there was really no "recipes" to post.   Grilled chicken, yellow squash, grilled asparagus and some boxed scalloped potatoes.   With the Mere living with us we get to enjoy a few non-healthy additions to dinner that encourage a 17 year old with lightening speed metabolism to eat something besides chicken nuggets and lunchables.

I made this one morning at 9:30, too bad there isn't more.
It's been a crazy week and I could use some, even at 9 a.m.

Since I found my picture taking was lagging as well I decided to follow along with The Idea Room's May Photo A Day challenge.   It's not too late to follow along on Instagram and/or Twitter.

Day 1 was #Colorful, so this is my Colorful Table centerpiece

Day 2   #Path down the road to wasting time
(Seriously, step away from the Candy Crush)

When you are #Empty this is where you go to refuel on Day #3

Day #4 was #water and I had every intention of taking a picture of my Kentucky water at the Derby Party on Saturday but alas I forgot. Probably because drinking too many mint juleps will make you forget to do a lot of things.

Oh we went to this place Saturday evening with some friends Hyenas Comedy Club.  It was quite
Hi-Lar-E-Ous!!  Grab a coupon for $5 entry and 2 drink minimum and have a fun night.

Day 5 this was found #OnMyDesk
I open it frequently just to sniff the glorious smell of its contents

Day 6  #Today I finished this AMAZEBALLS bottle of wine from my wonderful hometown of Paducah, Kentucky.   

Day 7 #Flashback of a favorite childhood breakfast

So that's all I got for you today and I promise promise cross my heart I swear to get out of my crazy food/blog/photo funk soon. Which sadly means tomorrow you are likely to get photos of a pizza buffet.

What's been up with you?  Is your house as messy as mine?  Is this spring weather dragging you outside too and the inside is highly neglected?  It's ok, right??

Peace, Love & Yummies of all kinds

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