Monday, April 28, 2014

March Madness part 3

Hi Dee Ho Peeps!!!

I'm still ALIVE!!!  And yes, we are still moving.  I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I'm alive and give you a sneak peak at where we are and the very very very slow  progress we're making.  So much to do but it'll get there it just takes time.  I only wish I'd had time to paint before we moved in but now I'll have to get the rooms set up then start breaking them down 1 at a time and paint that way.  I am sure I'll be done by this time next year.  hahahahahahahaha  (so not kidding, I only hope I'm done this time next year!).

So here's a recap if you need to catch up:
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Ok, now that we are all on the same page I'm going to give you a few views of "Wayne's World".  Mostly from the outside as the inside is big ole' M E double S mess.  Oh and for the sake of time savings, please excuse the unedited photos.   It's a darn miracle we even have pictures because we lost the camera for an entire week.  I mean we searched high and low and peeked in every unopened box and could not find it!!  Just about time for panic to set in because you know we have a very important graduation coming up in a few weeks, Hubster swears that he saw the camera somewhere in his closet. And lo and behold he was a box of ammo clips!!!  Seriously it's a miracle we found it.  Anywho, you get unedited pictures today because well that's all this girls got time for.

Pulling up to the front of the house
(see my ferns are even on the ground)

This is the "outhouse" as Hubster calls it.  We really gotta call it something else!!
This is a separate bedroom, full bath and large walk in closet with a little kitchenette area.
Also a nice big oversized 1 car garage that is currently packed to the gills with stuff that needs to go in the attic.  

This is my view as I cross under the portico and turn left into the 2 car garage.
Trees people!!! We have TONS OF TREES!!!  

This is the front of the "outhouse". Seriously, can you guys help us decide what to call this???
The rose bushes are gorgeous this spring, especially since they were neglected all winter as this house has been unoccupied since last year essentially.

This is to the left of the driveway in the front yard.
MORE TREES!!!   We have so much landscaping work to do.  It gets overwhelming when you stop to think about it, so I try to just look at the blooming pretty parts and ignore the work.

Moving out to the back yard.  This is right as you walk out the back patio doors.
(notice, there isn't another house back there??!!)

If you swing to the left a bit then we have a covered grilling area.
(yes, we do have neighbors over there and they are super sweet folks!!)
Especially nice to meet them and know the days he works from home since the copperhead snakes are a plenty around here right now.  He already knows if he hears me screaming like a crazy woman what's happening and to come running with the hoe!!

Just another look at the back yard.  This is just the fenced in part.  We've had big deer waltzing up to the fence.  Maybe since we found the camera we can finally get some pictures!

Turning around from the grill area you can see a small portion of the back porch.  One of the things I loved about this house is the extensive amount of covered porch areas.  This will be really really nice when we get that pool put in next spring....right honey??!!!

Now some quick fun fact about our new property that is known as Wayne's World:

1) The trumpet player of Earth, Wind & Fire was the former owner of the house.  You do NOT even want to know the amount of excitement this brings to Hubsters life.  He is a HUGE Earth, Wind & Fire fan and he's tickled to death that we now have BB's house.   
2) We have a roof full of solar panels.  I mean seriously a roof line full of them.  If you want to know Hubster can tell you EXACTLY how much solar power we are producing on an hourly basis.  He's obsessed but you know if he's happy when the bills come in then I'm happy.  We don't store our excess power, it goes back to the grid then the power company credits us for what we don't use in case you wondered.  Hubsters equally excited over this as well. 
3) We have approximately 1.7 acres of land.  That's a lot of mowing.  I haven't managed to get a new sofa yet but we did get a big ole' riding mower.  I'm just hoping I get to ride it too occasionally but maybe after the snakes are gone...blek!!  Otherwise I'll just drive willy nilly all over the yard trying to run over and chop up as many as I can.  :-)
4) Oddly enough we are about 300-400 square feet smaller than our big house however I now have 6 bathrooms to clean. Yeah, you heard me 6 freaking bathrooms!!!    Each of the 4 bedrooms has its own bath and then we have 2 half baths.   We no longer have a media room or game room.  I don't think we're really going to miss them at all.  I cleaned the bathrooms this morning and it only took me 30 minutes to do all 5 (the 6th is out in the "outhouse" and we aren't doing anything but storing stuff that needs to find a home right now).   
5) I went to the grocery Friday for the first time in over a month.  I have NEVER spent that much money at the grocery at one time. Seriously it was re-donk-u-lous!  On the bright side I found the most epic Wally World in the history of Wally Worlds.  I mean seriously you need to know that I swore off even going to that place, the new one by our house is above awesome.  Three different employees actually offered to help me in some way in the store, from picking out produce, telling me the best times to shop, helping me push my cart that was so overflowing that I was also carrying items in my hands to helping me to the car.  It was so nice!  There's hope for this world yet peeps!

That's all we got for now peeps, hopefully in the next few days we'll be ready to show you a few inside photos!

Hang with me, we're gonna be cooking again soon but for right now we're just making the usual easy kind of stuff that we've made a million times before.    

Peace, Love & Moving Boxes

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