Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Hey Peeps

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!!

1) To start things off today I'm going to share my Lent sacrifices/obligations

--) My Facebook time will be limited to once in the morning for 15 minutes, you know to check for birthdays and such, then once more in the evening for no more than 15 minutes.
--) Add one person each day from Facebook posts to specifically pray for onto my prayer list.  I will also actually write this person down instead of keeping up with it in my head like usual.
--) Finally I will write down in my journal 5 things every day that I'm grateful for.

Now some of you may say "hey Samma, aren't you giving up anything?"  And my reply would be....In the past year I've given up gluten/wheat and artificial sweeteners.  You know pizza and diet coke so I'm thinking I've pretty much depleted that pool of food/drink items to give up!!  Besides, I totally fell off the boat during our San Francisco trip on the bread thing and my gut needs some healing time so the bread thing is already a self imposed restriction again that needs to extend beyond Lent.  Next question, "why are you telling us"?  Accountability, nothing more.

2) One afternoon I had me a nice cup of "Man-a-tea"   The little manatee tea infuser hanging off my manatee mug was too much.   I know I crack myself up!!!

3)  Abogg sent me this caffeinated care package for my birthday.   There was a great Starbies gift card and a box full of k-cups.   Even some of my beloved Holiday Blend that will be December before I get to enjoy again in large quantities.  If you come to my house do NOT touch that Holiday Blend.  :-)

4)  Merebear and Court got me this delightful bucket o'stickers.  Seriously I may have a sticker problem.   (see here and here)    (and NO, giving up stickers for Lent is NOT an option-go eat your bread and leave me alone with my stickers)

5) I spaced yesterday and failed to show you the pictures of all the beads I racked up at Mardi Gras.  I told you about them but I totally forgot to show you.  Bad me so here they are.

This is the pile of "throw beads" taking up most of the bar area.
At the far end there are about 6 full ziplock bags of beads.

These are all the other cool things.  By the way, that King Cake plush and the Friar Tuck are two of my favorites.  There are quite a few of the specialty large beads in the photos too. Many of the items were light up or blinks and lots of fun!

6)  I have started getting ready for spring gardening.  This is a photo I posted on Instagram the other day of my eggplants.  Since then I've gotten the spinach seeds and the lettuce started as well.   I have another order coming with the tomato, peppers, peas and broccoli seeds.  This is new for me starting seeds indoors then transplanting but I'm hoping for the best!    The containers I'm starting seeds in?  My old k-cups, I've been saving them for quite some time just sure they would be good for something.  Sometimes hoarding pays off! haha   I'm also expanding my garden to my second floor balcony.  The balcony will be getting some of the things that the bunnies and small creatures like to nibble on, like my broccoli and my lettuce especially.

So hurry along my friends, you have about 1 hour and 45 minutes to stuff yourself with all the things you're giving up for Lent.

Oh yes I do little girl...yes, yes I do!!!

So tell me, what are you guys giving up for Lent? 
See you peeps tomorrow when we're going to talk about San Francisco!

Peace, Love & Gluttony!

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