Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!!
It's been a wild and wacky week around here.
We said goodbye to a loyal, loving family member

Our sweet Kiss dog has gone on to doggie heaven where her heart is strong again and she can run and play like she did as a pup.  I can't tell you how much I miss this dog.  She has been my best bud since I haven't been working.  Oh the conversations and walks we had together.  Thanks to Court for "loaning" me her dog while she's away at college.  I loved this old lump of fur like crazy....we all did.

We also had to move the Abogg out of his apartment in Waco last week.  Did you guys know we are on like day 33 of over 100 degree weather?  Did you know that we had no air conditioning last week while moving?  Did you know it gets really really hot moving furniture from the 3rd story down to the parking lot?  Did you know we have to move into the new place this weekend?  Do you know that I'm exhausted just thinking about it?

My husband has also been watching too much cable...namely Storage Wars.  Yep, the crazy guy went to an auction and bought us an abandoned storage unit.  Romantic eh??  Yep some girls get flowers and diamonds or cars.... I get Hannibal Lector's refrigerator!!  Oh well... we needed an extra fridge so this one actually cleaned up rather nicely.  It's now in the laundry room and the freezer has been moved to the garage.  So far we're only out 50 bucks as we've made the rest of the money back from selling off furniture.  I made a big donation to charity and I still have quite a few things to sell off on ebay.  In the end we'll make a few bucks and have a like new refrigerator. he's looking at more of these auctions!!  I just hope that the next one doesn't occur in the middle of 100+ degree weather stretch. I'm kinda tired of showering 2-3 times a day!!

Some exciting news.... I got a new trashcan!
Seriously...does anyone lead a more boring life than me?? 

well...if you ever saw the old one you'd understand why this is so exciting.  I mean it could have won the ugly trashcan award.  Tacky blue plastic...uggh

In my final exciting news....I present you with some prelim. photos of the back yard.
Remember this?

well this is it now....

that's not all, there are still more photos to come but I just wanted you to see how far our backyard has come.  It's looking good and we have finally decided on a fire pit and bench design so hopefully by the time cooler weather arrives around here, we'll be out back sitting around our fire and making s'mores.
Happiness indeed!!!

I have an appt today with a specialist.  He's been mentioned here
What's Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life
and because of my delightful dentist I now have an appointment with this fellow. 
He's on the cutting edge of hormone and thyroid management AND the best part..he uses holistic medications whenever possible.   I'm stoked as I'm so ready to back to feeling like my old self again.

Peace out my peeps and try to stay indoors!!!
Peace, Love & Yummies

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