Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TuTu Tuesday

Hey peeps!!!

It's TuTu Tuesday and I've got a short little post filled with snippets from the weekend.  Yeah, I had the best of intentions to do this post yesterday but alas...housework got in the way.

My plate on Sunday afternoon...the hubster and I were hot and tired on Sunday and we just didn't really know what to have for dinner (much like tonight...I'm still pondering that one)  We scrounged around in the freezer and found some black bean burgers and slipped those on the grill.  Normally we bake our fries in the oven but it was H O T on Sunday so I drug out the deep fryer from the garage.

We found a tidbit of french fries leftover in a bag and I grabbed few jalapeno poppers to round out the meal.   Hooked that baby up on the back porch and dinner is served.

The first is my plate and the second is hubsters (he didn't think I showed off my burger well enough so he snapped another photo)

Now.... I only ate about half my burger but then later I needed a sweet fix so I thought back to something I saw and grabbed a little glob of cookie dough that has been in the fridge forever and the waffle maker.

Heat up that waffle maker and slap that cookie dough on there.

Close it up and let the cookie dough baking begin

Check on it a few times to check for doneness
I think I let mine cook a little too long but that's ok...it was only one cookie and I was eating it hot

Note to self....spray the waffle maker next time.
Yeah, it was a little messy coming out of the pan
TA DA.....hot cookies, no oven. I'd call that a Win Win.


We made a quick trip to the cost co and I picked up this little puppy.
It was on sale (w/ costco coupon) for $80 then I had a $55 rewards certificate to use.  Can't beat $25 bucks for a $100 mop.

I seriously love this thing!!  It heats up in about 30 seconds and I can use it on all my floors (wood and tile) and it uses no chemical cleaners.  Just good old fashioned tap water.  No wonder everyone has raved about this thing.  It's an excellent purchase and one I wish I had made months ago!
 hey, I warned you of the impending dork moment.  I get so excited over cleaning products.

So several months ago I went to the fabric warehouses with sweet Gloria and I picked up some gorgeous fabric. I wanted new dining room curtains and also to recover my chairs.  Well about upteen months later   I finally arranged for Gloria to come over to help  sew my curtains this Thursday.  Well since we just guessed at how much fabric we would need I figured I better cover the chairs first and then see if we had enough for curtains.   You know just in case we didn't have enough I wouldn't end up with curtains and half the chairs that matched.   

This is what the chairs looked like.  Just a little out of date and not my style.
These are the hubsters mothers chairs from her dining table that is super old and survived Hurricane Katrina.   A little refresher is just what they needed.

Wow...what a difference some fabric can make.  I'm totally in love with this fabric and I'm almost finished with ten chairs plus a stool but I have to run to the home of depot because....I broke the hubsters staple gun. Seriously...only I could break an electric staple gun...sheesh   :0)

I can't wait to show you the new curtains this week!!    I'm off to the depot then I have to get home and clean the upstairs.  The kiddos will be home this weekend!! hoooorayyyyyy!!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!  

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