Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday wackiness on Thursday

well....I just got home from the movies and I'll refrain from spilling any details in case you feel like I did until today know, the only person left in the country that hasn't seen The Help yet.
If you read the book and have great fears of seeing the movie and being easy you may proceed with your movie viewing.  Was it EXACTLY the same as the book? no Was it sufficiently close enough where it mattered...Absolutely.  Seriously fabulous movie.

So before I went to the movies LL and I had to have craft day because you know all the kids are back in school and we can glue and decoupage freely on Wednesdays. 

I started my painting on Tuesday because I knew it might take awhile and boy was I right!
This is the beginning of the 2nd coat...the first coat ended up being washed off while it was still wet.

Second coat dried and NOT what I was looking for...back to the "painting" board

ahhh...that's more like the color I was looking for

Now let's add that Martha Stewart copper glitter paint and let it dry because it's time for dinner

It was a Schwan's dinner night

There was 1 stuffed potato left so Hubster and I split it.
I found some beef filets in the freezer so I wrapped them up and put them on the grill.
Actually everything but the veggies was cooked on the grill and those were done in the microwave.
In case you haven't heard we're still frying out here in Texas!!  

Moving on to the actual Wednesday craft follies....

LL and I decided to make fall wreaths for our front doors.  
Hence the reason I was painting letters yesterday.

This is how I put those letters to use and now...I've decided to not use it on the front door but to use it inside the house on the big hall tree/bench thingy.  I'll show you when I get it up there because the colors go perfectly with the new dining room chair covers & curtains. 
I totally planned that!!  yep, I really did.....NOT  

This is LL's wreath and let me tell you the photo does not do it justice.  You will have to go by her house and see it for yourself.  So much prettier in person!   

So before we head off to the movies LL needs to go home and let adorable Peaches out to tinkle...
Don't freak out, Peaches is their new dog!

So while she's doing that I thought I'd go ahead and make one more fun little craft know cause it's Wednesday craft day!  It's also a Pinterest discovery. 

Take an ovenproof bowl and some vegetable oil

coat the bowl really good with the oil

Spread some Perler Beads into the bowl and mush them against the sides.  
Just start flattening the bottom out and they will work their way up the sides of the bowl

Now pop that in the oven on 250 degrees for about 15-20 minutes

Keep an eye on them and they are "done" when the eyes of the beads get long and oval shaped

Let NOT try and pry the beads away from the bowl while they are still hot.
It's not pretty.....yeppers, I tried.

once cooled pop out of the bowl and Ta Daaa have a melted beady bowl.

Here it is on my sofa table.
It's pretty cool and something I'm sure the kiddos would have a blast making and those beads are so stinking cheap that you can pick out the colors you like and just go to town.  I'm thinking I'm going to try making a bigger one now that I got this process down.  I'm thinking they could be cute little gift basket know school colors and stuff.  

Sweet Gloria came over this morning to help me with my new curtains for the dining room....Sweet Gloria took them home with her. I don't think I'm a very good sewing helper.  Besides we tried 2 sewing machines and couldn't get either of them to work.  I'm good at a few things but sewing is NOT one of them matter how hard I try I just can't seem to grasp the concept!

Is there anything you just can't do no matter how many times you try?

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