Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Echelon Vineyards.... sharing the love!

Hey there my peeps!!
I have a couple of things I need to talk to you about so I'm just going to plow through them one at a time over the next couple of days and hope I don't get too sidetracked and forget.
The first concerns wine and a kind of funny story.  I'll attempt to shorten the story as to not bore you to death!

One day last week my doorbell rings and it's my friendly UPS guy.  He has a big box with bright orange stickers all over that say "must be 21 to sign for package".  So I sign and bring in the box, cause I'm like over 21 and all, wondering the whole time what on earth was in the box!
I opened the box and lo and behold I find these lovely things!!  That's a good day!!
Of course they were all full when they arrived!

I have no clue who they are from as the card only says Enjoy and is printed with a name I am unfamiliar with!! 
So the investigation begins; I call the shipping company on the return label.  Tell my story a couple of times and the guy gives me an email address as the only shipping information he has. Fortunately the email address goes back to Echelon Vineyards so I email the person about the wine.
Just as I send the message I have another doorbell ring and this time the Fed Ex guy (who is a scream---is it bad I'm so familiar with our delivery guys??!!)  anyway, he has a package for me.  I open it and there is a letter from Echelon Vineyards, a corkscrew and a paper coaster with their logo and a nice letter.   hmmmm, part of the mystery solved!!!   I send a second email and in that time I managed to receive several emails from the fine friendly folks at Echelon Vineyards and Clever Girls and my memory was restored!!
It seems I had signed up some time ago for a promotion through Clever Girls Collective network (their logo is down in the left sidebar) and just clean forgot about it!! Seriously how bad is my memory that I forget about anything that involves wine??

This was also perfect timing because my Wook Club (part book but mostly wine club) was meeting at my house on Thursday evening.  Well mark the wine off the grocery list!!

Before the Wook ladies arrived (& we had a small group this month) I got the wine all ready.
I made The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Tortilla Soup from her new cookbook.
I tell you what people...that was some kind of good soup!!!  I mean so good it alone justifies buying that cookbook.  Here, let me save you the trouble and give you the link so you can just go order it.

Now if you look really close you can see that the Echelon Red Blend California 2010 bottle is bone dry.  Well that's just because we LOVED IT!!  It was perfect with that Tortilla Soup too!
Really we loved this wine and if we'd had a second bottle of it we'd probably finished it too!!

Here's a close up of the label so you can find some yourself.
Here's the link to the Red Blend in case you like to see what the company has to say about it.
My opinion....I'll buy this again even if I have to order it.

This was the other bottle we had.  The Napa Valley collection Chardonnay.
I'm not a huge chardonnay fan but I gotta tell you....I REALLY liked this one too!
Here's the link to this one in case you'd like to get technical about it. Echelon chardonnay
My opinion....I'll probably buy this one too!!   It wasn't too dry and I really enjoyed it.

I have not opened this one yet and I'm not sure why because Pinot Grigio is one of my favorite wines.
Here's the link to the specs on this one....Pinot Grigio.  I'm SURE I will love this one as well!!!

Here's another shot, an empty Red Blend, a 3/4 empty Chardonnay and a full Pinot.
Now the confession time... I think only 4 of us were even drinking wine that night....but not to worry, we DID talk about the book for oh,  a few minutes!!  

I like buying things from companies who have such great customer service and I found that in this company.  They have a great product and even greater folks working there!

Go to their  Where to Buy page and find out where you can buy your bottle of wine today.
Support the good ole' US of A and a wonderful company that makes a fabulous product.
Can't go wrong there!!!

What companies do you buy items from because of their customer service?

Peace, Love & Yummies!!


disclaimer: Echelon Vineyards working with Clever Girls collective network so very generously sent my wine samples to review and taste.  I am not being compensated by Echelon Vineyards and all opinions expressed are 100% solely mine.  I'm simply reviewing the wines because I liked them however if they wanted to send me more.... I really wouldn't complain at all!!

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