Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fruit Dip with COOL WHIP Whipped Topping

Well hello my peeps!!!   Today we are going to talk about a wonderfully easy treat for you to make for your family that will make the kids (and you) gobble up the fruit like never before.

It's that time of year when we get to enjoy the many seasonal fruits and sometimes we just want a way to make it a little more special  and up the ooomph factor. That's where the COOL WHIP Whipped Topping comes in to lend you a helping hand.   Plus it gives you another reason to eat some COOL WHIP besides sneaking it by the spoonful out of the refrigerator when no one is looking.  What?  You don't do that, sorry maybe that's just me.

Let's make some Fruit Dip!!!

Cast of Characters:
COOL WHIP Whipped Topping (regular size container)
8 oz block of cream cheese (low fat is fine), softened
Marshmallow Creme, regular size jar

Drop that jar of marshmallow creme into a bowl of hot water and let it hang out a bit.
It'll make getting it out of the jar so much easier, I promise.

Now plop that cream cheese into the bowl and whip it. Whip it real good.

Get that marshmallow creme out and scoop it out into the cream cheese.
It should come out nice and easy since you had it in the bowl of hot water.  Now whip those two together.  Make it nice and creamy.

Grab the COOL WHIP and snag yourself a spoonful--- yeah I really do this and sometimes more than one spoonful.  You know just to make sure I don't get hit by a bus tomorrow and leave a full tub of COOL WHIP in the refrigerator, that would be soooo embarrassing!

Side bar: If you haven't heard me tell the story of me and my grandparents and how they showered me with love by letting me eat COOL WHIP....just ask or some may say "lucky you"  It's a fond memory and I tell it occasionally, or maybe a lot.   Me and COOL WHIP go waaay back oh yes we do!!!

Now scrape out every last bit and drop of that COOL WHIP and add it to the mixing bowl 
and whip it up real good.
Using the words Whip It so many times in one post has me singing Devo songs! beautiful is that?!
No really, after you taste it you will think beautiful is an accurate description.

Now plop that out into a pretty dish.
I've also used the word plop pretty frequently too although I don't know a song with "plop" in it.
Oh wait, the old Alka Seltzer that's in my head too!

Cut yourself up some fruit

And enjoy a nice change to that fruit.
Your kids will gobble up fruit that they've never eaten before.
Case in point....apricots

Strawberries are always our favorites though!!!

Now here's a little treat to get you moving in the morning with a smile on your face!

White Chocolate Mocha topped with well, what else, COOL WHIP!
oh, don't forget to sneak a spoonful of it before it goes back into the fridge!
(in case you wondered....I just followed the directions on the back of the White Chocolate syrup bottle)

And here's the best way to add a little fun to your daily snack.
Just grab one of those nice little pudding snacks and got it, plop a big dollop of COOL WHIP on top of that baby.   Yep, I said plop again and yep, I ate a spoonful out of the tub first and yep, the COOL WHIP is bigger than the pudding..don't judge me.

If you have kiddos they'll think it's a special day and if you don't have any little kiddos running around well then you can be like me and have pudding with COOL WHIP for breakfast.
Yeah, we're gonna go back to that previous statement about not judging me!

Oh yes I did....COOL WHIP on pudding at 8 in the morning.
Gotta love being home alone and not having to answer to anyone about that!

Peace, Love & Yummies (with some COOL WHIP)

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