Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May happenings!!

Well my peeps May has been a happening month around here!  Unfortunately I've been doing very little cooking because of all the flurry of activity!  At the moment I am currently being held captive in my room by the painters, (you know the painters who SWORE they would be done by Monday evening at the latest) so I thought I would recap some of the busyness that has been my crazy life in hopes that you will forgive me for being so absent and maybe say a little prayer for my sanity.  You know because it's gone...I'm afraid for good.

There was an Awards night for the Merebear

And an Art Show

Some cornmeal crusted tilapia with pico de gallo & avocado

a new bird feeder that doubles as entertainment for the cat

Some chocolate chip cookie dough brownies with chocolate ganache frosting

a new milk frother for 1.99!!!  

my favorite chopped salad that I'm completely addicted to eating!

Mother's day flowers from these three 

I know they are awesome aren't they??!!!

The flowers are growing and thriving!

a double rainbow 

the first harvest from the garden


A college graduation for our lovely Court

The destruction of my home 

for the first time
(yes...we are currently in the midst of destruction #2 by the painters)

Summer goodness in a sandwich

NOW do you believe the destruction that became of my home??

But the floors and the new wall color were worth the effort

even the New Orleans Saints gold that now lines the Hubsters office
and he got new floors too!
Thanks Anderson Flooring!!!  You never disappoint me!

The tired and happy family!!

Now we just have a shower this weekend and a wedding to get through!
If you'll excuse me it's after noon so I think I can technically get the wine.
(ok well maybe I can't since I'm still banished to the bedroom-remind me to get a mini fridge for my room, okay??)

Peace, Love & Chaos!


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