Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Bridal Tea Party with Cucumber Finger Sandwiches

Well hello hello hello my peeps!!!  I'm finally back with a few recipes and some photos of our Bridal Tea Party shower but first some updates:

1) I said goodbye to the painters late Tuesday afternoon.  Yeah a few days later than promised but they did a beautiful job and soon I shall show you the results...promise!

2) I do not need to enter rehab just yet.  I think I managed to make it through the chaos of new floors, house repainting and hosting a bridal shower in a 2 week time frame with only 1 complete and utter meltdown and without needing to enter rehab.  SUCCESS!!!

3) I've decided I need to win the lottery because having all these fresh flowers in my house makes me so very happy!!

4) Whomever said you couldn't drink wine until after 5 p.m. obviously has never tried to put down new floors, repaint and host a bridal shower in a very short time frame.  They were is always appropriate at any time.  Go ahead you have my permission, of course if you still feel bad just have yourself a mimosa or a bloody mary, no one ever questions those in the morning!!

Let's get started and don't worry, I'm going to only bombard you with one recipe a day but you have to see many photos because with Pinterest as my inspiration everything turned out just as I envisioned!!!

This is the bride's table.
The little purple teacup and lavender roses are for the bride.

Entry table with Guest Book

I called this the Blue Table.
I know my originality is astounding!

Which would make this the yellow table.

And finally the red table.
Don't you want me to come help you name things???

Vintage Teapots filled with soft beautiful flowers.

I even found this adorable wire mesh Teapot.

Each Teapot unique and beautiful.

I used 2 teapots on each table, with a variety of teacups holding a single Gerbera daisy.
The majority of my flowers were purchased at Sam's Club with a little trip to Costco to finish it off.

My grandmothers silver tea set got a nice polish for the occasion.

And this...well this was and still is just STUNNING!!!

We had a I mean a boat load of flowers left over after doing the teapots and table decorations.
I also had this punch bowl that I decided not to make punch in so I set Courts Grandmother to work to fill the punch bowl. Seriously...this lady has missed her calling. She's a natural born florist!!!

Looks like we are ready for guests!!

Another look at the Bridal Table top

All china was either mine, my mothers or purchased in Antique shops.
If you need Teapots or china dessert plates...see me I got you covered!

Well don't fret there will be more pictures later but for now let's make Cucumber Finger Sandwiches

You can't have a Tea Party without Cucumber Finger Sandwiches and who am I to argue with tradition??  I mean even I thought I wouldn't like them, turns out I was wrong!

This is what you need:
8 oz. package Cream Cheese, softened
3 Tbsp. sour cream
.7 oz package dry Italian salad dressing mix
1 loaf of cocktail rye bread
1-2 cucumbers, sliced

The day prior to serving the sandwiches you want to blend the cream cheese, sour cream and dressing mix.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  You know so those flavors can get all happy together,

About 30 minutes before assembling the sandwiches take the cream cheese mixture out of the refrigerator.  This will make it easier to spread.

Just spread a thin layer of the cream cheese mixture on the bread and top with a cucumber slice.

Arrange on serving plate and watch everyone (including yourself) realize why these are a Tea Party staple.  Seriously...this is good stuff peeps.   It also looks all sweet and dainty so when you eat like a bazillion of them it's OK.  We had none left over. Need I say more?

There were two large plates of these cuties.
I did double the cream cheese mixture so I have some of that left in the refrigerator and after a little trip to the grocery we shall have these again!!  Even if it's not a tea party!!

Another look at the food table. 
I have to tell you all I worried and fretted (don't you love the word "fret" and no one really uses it anymore. I've used it twice already)  over this shower and aside from only welcoming a couple of folks BEFORE I managed to get dressed, comb my hair or put on make-up it went swimmingly!!
All the hard work, late nights and worry were well worth it because it was a delightful afternoon and Court received some wonderful gifts and we all had a grand time.
Hmmm, maybe I should have a Tea Party more often because who doesn't need a good excuse to eat tiny decadent food??   

Peace, Love and More Yummies to Come!!

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