Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bridal Tea Party Wedding Mints

Well Peeps I'm going to post a real quick one for you guys today.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these mints.  Back in Kentucky we always had them for showers and weddings.  It was one of the best parts about going to one of those events. Well that and Fern cake.  If you are from the Paducah area then you know all about Fern's cakes.  Hands down the BEST white cake you ever put in your mouth!!!  God Bless that woman, she had a gift for baking cakes!!!

Anyway back to the mints.  I haven't made them in like well forever it seemed so I figured it was the perfect time to bring them back.  Sue Poo came over to help me with these and I'm proud to announce they received Eme's seal of approval. She loved them because they were pink and then she took a micro bite of one and proclaimed "I like them". It's important to get the approval of an almost 3 year old. They can be very harsh with their food comments.   Had they been a different color, it's likely the compliments wouldn't have come as easily!

You can see the mints in the lower left side of the photo above.
Little pink heart shaped mints.

Here's what you need:
3 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 1/2 - 3 cups powdered sugar
1/2-1 tsp peppermint oil
couple drops of food coloring
fine sanding sugar
candy molds (we used hearts)

This is all there is to it.
Mix the cream cheese and powdered sugar together then mix in the peppermint oil and the food coloring,    Start with the smallest amounts of sugar and peppermint oil and then add to the batter as you need to.  Especially the oil it's very strong.

Pinch off a marble size ball of dough and roll into the fine sanding sugar (you can find this in the cake decorating section or by the regular sugar-it's just extra fine sugar) and then press into the mold.

Make sure you roll the ball really well in the sugar before pressing into the mold. Let them sit for a couple of minutes then turn over onto wax paper to dry. 

Once you've made all the mints and they have dried a bit you can store them in an airtight container until the party.  I put sheets of wax paper between the layers of mine.  Just get them out an hour or so before the party and let them come to room temperature or eat them cold.    We're not picky here folks!

These are super easy and a wonderful cute addition to your party table.
I found this cute stacked teacup holder and it was perfect for the main serving table.
There was also a small dish on each of the tables.  You know so you didn't have to get up to go get more from the big table.

See how cute and I tee totally promise you that they are so easy you'll wonder why you haven't been making them all the time. 

Now a word about the Petit Fours.  If you've gotten married and had bridal showers you know that by the time the wedding finally arrives you are pretty sick of cake.  I mean you have to taste like a bazillion bakery cakes to decide who is making the wedding cake (unless you had Fern then it was a no brainer) and then all the showers come along and you are just "caked" out.   I wanted Petit Fours but I'm pretty picky about those because let's face it, a bad Petit Four can make you think these things are gross!  Seriously, I've had some REALLY bad ones and I'm very picky.  These came from a wonderful bakery in downtown Ft. Worth called Blue Bonnet Bakery.   These were good Petit Fours. By good I mean they were very moist and so very sweet that you couldn't eat more than 1.  Seriously that' how you know you got a good Petit Four!!     

That's all for today's Bridal Shower Tea Party recipes but there will be more and I've been cooking up a storm today too so next week is bringing some new stuff as soon as we finish out the wedding goodies. On another very sad but true note, the wedding is in 2 weeks and guess who does not have a dress??? Why yes it's Moi!!  I ordered a dress on April 17 and it FINALLY arrived last week.  It wasn't even close to fitting correctly and it had this weirdo padding in the top that #1 I did not need and #2 made the dress pouch out away from my whole body.  Kinda like the pointed Madonna bra thing but rounded instead of pointed.  So I shipped that sucker back to China and hoping to get my money back but now.....I have to find a dress!!! YIKES!!!!!!!

Peace, Love and more bridal Yummies!!


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