Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gran's Strawberry Pie....a.k.a. Shoney's pie

Well Happy Tuesday Peeps!!  I don't know about where you live but it is H O T hot up in here!
Today is another one that I've been saving up for you guys and since it's about fifty billion degrees already I thought I would share this cool creation today.

I'm not gonna lie, I think I could honestly eat this whole pie by myself. It is so yummy and cool and fresh and brings back such wonderful memories.  This pie is a like the strawberry pie you could get in Shoney's/Big Boy restaurants. Although they probably used real whipped cream I'm a personal fan of cool whip.   No discrimination here my friends...cool whip, whipped cream I'm not gonna complain.  Just make sure you top this with one of them.  

You will need this stuff
Don't worry I'll give you a printable link later...oh what the heck here it is now

First things first, let's get the pie crust in the oven.
Before it heads to the oven make sure you lay it out in the pan and the prick it with a fork.
You know, to keep the pie crust from growing gigantic bubbles in it.

Now while that is cooking you can go ahead and mix together the sugar, salt and cornstarch.
Just whisk it around in a heavy duty saucepan.

Now add the water to the mixture and cook until thickened.

See how thick it looks on the spatula?  That's how you know it's ready.

Add in the strawberry jello then the vanilla and a couple of drops of red food coloring.

Stir that all around.  Yeah, I know it looks really red but it's ok.
Let that mixture cool really well.

Now you need to fill that cooled and baked pie crust with some berries.

Don't be stingy now because it IS a strawberry pie!!

Once that congealed mixture is cool you can just pour it over the top of those berries and just swish them around gently to mix everything up together.
Hey just for fun make a little fanned out berry for the top.

Look at that pie... I can almost hear the forks clinking on the plates and the waitress yelling out orders.

Don't you love food that can bring back sights and sounds and smells from the past??!!

Go ahead put a slice on a plate and plop some cool whip on top.

I mean you HAVE to test a piece first, right??

We really wouldn't want to be rude and serve bad pie now would we?

The only thing missing is the Shoney's Hot Fudge Cake. It's times like that it's good to have a sister, you know one of you gets the strawberry pie and the other the Hot Fudge Cake!!

By the way....Anyone have that Shoney's recipe for the Hot Fudge Cake?  I'd love for you to share it if you do!!  What kind of foods bring back memories for you guys? Did you ever eat at Shoneys when you were younger?   

Enjoy and I'm off to see what I can rustle up for dinner around here or maybe we'll just have pie!
And here's that printable link again for you

Peace, Love & Summer Yummies!


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