Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

Hey Peeps

It's TuTu Tuesday again!  I mean I realize my birthday was yesterday and all but what the heck happened to January???   Seriously, this year is already just flying by and someone needs to slow it down just a bit please and thankyouverymuch!

So I was forced to leave the house today because I had to go to the "lady" doctor so you know I brushed my teeth twice and forgot to shave my legs.  I'm sure my doctor adores me.
Since I was out I took the opportunity to take some jeans of the Aboggs to the tailor and my charm bracelet to have my new charms put on.  And I'll be forced out again later to go pick up a new prescription and dog food.  sheesh....my yoga pants will be so lonely.

On with the Tuesday Tumblings show!

Obligatory dog photo--   Someone around here got the cone removed from his head after his multi purpose surgery and became quite mischievous!
Thanks the Lord in Heaven that we go back tomorrow to get his stitches out, the dog reeks!!!

Sometimes you just don't want to face the day and you just want to lay in the sun in the recliner.

It was gorgeous last week then it was pretty cold and now it's nice again.
I made cinnamon toast on one of the cool mornings.  
Riveting news today!?

So I may or may not have mentioned a bazillion times that my birthday was yesterday.  I'm celebrating all week but now I'm forcing you to look at my pictures.  Try to run but there will be more next week.

Flowers from my seester.   Also my Princess Niece and nephew.

Hubster and the kids and my mom went shopping on Saturday and left me at home.
I made a big pitcher of margaritas and walked the dog.  I'm a party machine.

They brought me these balloons back.  The big balloon even has my name on it.
How cool is that??  I'm easily amused!

My sweet Mere bear got me this monster wine glass full of Rolo's.
Girl is after my heart and soul! 
When I finish the Rolo's I'm going to pour a whole bottle of wine in that glass, finally start watching Downton Abbey and only get up to go to the bathroom.
Once again...party animal on the loose. 

The hubster and Austin & Court got me a couple of new charms for my bracelet.
A cardinal (you know for Kentucky) and a jug of sweet tea.
Appropriately wonderful gifts!

Hubster has something else coming but I don't know what it is.
Abogg also got me a big jug of the "good tequila" (this is a joke in our house) and something else but it hasn't arrived yet so you'll get to see them both next week.  Control your excitement please.

My mama got me this adorable new Tablet Hipster from the Vera Bradley.
She also got me the Grand Traveler bag.  The nice UPS man will deliver it today.
The new Hipster bag is a purse for your Ipad, it's awesome sauce.
Oh Don't worry, I'll get a photo of my Grand Traveler for you too!

My sweet friend LL brought over a Nothin' Bundt Cakes white chocolate raspberry cake.
It was deeeelish!!!   We had a pre halftime birthday break during the Super Bowl.
If we had known they were gonna take a second halftime in the dark we could have waited and enjoyed my impromptu birthday celebration longer.

I blew out the candles. Please notice it says 26.  I picked the age I feel like being this year.
I see nothing wrong with this practice.
Yes I'm wearing a Tony Dorsett Cowboys jersey.  I told everyone it's the closest the Cowboys were ever getting to the Super Bowl again.   C'mon Jerry how about the Cowboys in the Super Bowl for my birthday next year?!

This was on my bathroom mirror yesterday.  
Hubster leaves nice notes.
(My apologies for not closing the drawers or the potty room door) 

Our money handler (so much more fun to say than financial planner) sent me this over the top richly sweet pecan pie.  The pie was crazy good and the box it came in was equally awesome.

Sunday morning before Abogg headed back to Waco we all went to the Snooty Pig for breakfast.
I felt like Buddy the Elf, I put syrup on my pancake, my bacon AND my grits!
A good way to start the week I think.

Yesterday because there was some leftover guacamole from the Super Bowl I had me some guac on toast with some warm coffee.   A nice birthday breakfast, then I had a cupcake.  

Last night I had a margarita (made from the good tequila of course) and I tossed in some pomegranate syrup.  Pretty tasty indeed then I may or may not have had another cupcake.
Don't judge it's my birthday and I wouldn't want to waste good cupcakes.

So no fretting I will have the Vegetarian Chili recipe tomorrow.  It was quite good and we'll show off some of the Super Bowl goodies.  I was bad, I didn't get photos of the entire table.  I was probably too busy manning the hot dogs on the grill.   I must say they were good hotdogs!!

How were your Super Bowl snacks?  What did you think of the blackout, the commercials, Beyonce?
Oh and the game?  

Peace & Birthday Love Yummies!!

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