Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings

Hi dee hooo my peeps!!

This is gonna be super short & sweet today.  I'm still working on taxes and the Hubster is a slave driver and doesn't want me to work on anything BUT taxes and that included cleaning the house yesterday.  I did anyway, he may not have liked it but I gained control over a little something around here.

There are a few things Hubster should know about me and taxes.

1) For one semester (1 SEMESTER!!) my major was accounting.  It only lasted one semester because I hated it so badly. Nothing has changed by the way.

2) When you have a house, 1 rental house and 1 vacation home in a husband/wife LLC situation, you should probably hire someone WAAAAAY more qualified than me to do your taxes.

3) I hate doing taxes.

4) Taxes make my cry because I feel so stupid when I don't understand the question TurboTax is asking me.

5) Did I mention I hate TAXES and anything to do with bookkeeping, accounting, etc.

Bonus:  I have utmost respect for qualified people who do taxes professionally.

Let's get this started so I can get back to the grind!!

This is last week when I was foolish and excited and ready to get started on the taxes.
Oh how things have changed and you'll see that evidence a bit later in the post.

I was allowed  got out of the house on Friday and I've been so looking forward to trying these.

Instead this is what my face probably looked like.
Yeah...disappointed there mickey d's.

I think we're gonna need a bigger bed!

Saturday we made the trip down to Waco to watch Abogg play baseball.
Baylor Club for the sweep.

We took the Abogg to get something to eat before we headed back home. We stopped at Vitek's in Waco.  That there beautiful thing is a "gut pack".  It's the BBQ version of a chili pie.

That's all I have to say about that.
That's a small by the way....I could have eaten the large but a tow truck would have had to pull me home.

Abogg went to a Thrift Shop party Saturday night.
Just for the record nothing he is wearing came from a Thrift Store....especially not that plaid shirt.

This is the current state of my kitchen table amidst tax preparation.
There are no kleenex because I ran out so I'm just using a dish towel to cry into.
I'm not sure I can live through this.

This is my chair.  Yeah.....I have to sit so long my Ba Donka Donk is aching.

Please tell me something fun you are doing?  You know if we'd gotten some of that snow I'd feel better about being stuck inside doing taxes.   

Live Long & Prosper my peeps and I'll see you on the other side brotha' 

p.s.  If someone would bring me a big bag of Reese's pb cups (miniature size) I'd love you forever.
My ba donka donk won't but I will!!!

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