Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Tumbling into March

There have only been a rare few times that I've actually started a blog post ahead of time or even completed one ahead of time but I started this post last Friday morning and it was all because of this super cool Twitter moment.

Ok it was super cool for me but I'm kind of a dork.   I tweeted and instagrammed this photo and caption.

I know, I know what's the big deal? Sam Adams Brewery replied to your tweet and you get all excited like you won the lottery?  Well about this time last year we were in Boston and Washington DC for spring break and we visited Samuel Adams Brewery. The Abogg and I LOVED it and my Daddy's name was Samuel Adams so you know....it's just cool to me.  I mean and I do really love that Alpine Springs seasonal brew so it was a heartfelt tweet.

I know, it's the little things in life people.  Never forget that...EVER.   Don't overlook the little things that make people so very happy.  You never know when one little word or smile can change someones entire day.

OK so I'm gonna stop here and apologize. I mean this is a food blog, primarily anyways, with a bit of my crazy life thrown in for fun but lately I feel so pathetic.  I mean I hardly ever cook for you guys anymore and I really do have some cool recipes to share with you.  So I'm gonna promise that we are going to get back to routines around this here on this blog and soon!!   With that said, here's the rest of what I've been snapping since last Tuesday.

He LOVES to bask in the sunshine.
He's gonna drive me insane when it's too hot for him to go outside.
(Come on, there's always gonna be the obligatory dog photo!)

In the "keeping it real" segment today I thought I'd show you what our bathtub looks like most mornings.   Yes, I've heard of a hamper.  No, we don't have one.
The bathtub works just fine.  It's not pretty but it works.

I've been eating a ton of popcorn.  I gave up ice cream for Lent.
All I can say is I don't know about everyone else but I'm having ice cream for Easter lunch!!!

I made this crazy good Mediterranean Mahi-Mahi last week.
It was so yummo it's not even funny.  I'm gonna give you the recipe, well what there is of one.
I pretty much winged this one.
Frankie had a version of this in Florida and I wanted to recreate it.  Sprouts had Mahi on sale too.

This was my stove on Friday.
I broke the stove top.
Then I panicked because it's a gas stove.
I was sure I was going to blow up the neighborhood.
I didn't.

I googled how to fix and it involved the hair dryer. 
Let's just say if you have just made tea and it's on the stove DO NOT plunk a big ole' LeCreuset pot on top of it and spill it all in your gas cook top.   It was about 11 pm before that sucker worked again.
whew....I was a tad worried.

I finally went to Sprouts after what seemed like an eternity.
They had a big box of Cuties on sale.
Sunshine in a bowl right there I tell ya!

Then one day last week as I sat bundled in the recliner with my laptop watching the Pope leave the Vatican I decided to have a lazy day.
(I don't blame the Pope for this at all and might I add I'd love to have heard all those bells ringing in person!)

I blame him..he talked me into the lazy day.

Then I decided to walk outside and that was the end of lazy day.
I spent the rest of the day pulling and cutting and working everything in that backyard.
All I can say is the backyard is ready for spring planting!!  
I was quite exhausted after that and more than a bit sore the next morning.

Saturday and Sunday we watched this guy and his team play 3 games in Dallas against SMU.

The Mere and I were quite chilly.
They won all 3 games, 6-0 undefeated.
We get a couple of weekends off because it's spring break next week.
I love watching him play as much now as I did 17 years ago when he started.
Savor those moments people, they really won't stay young forever.

We freeze our patooties off Saturday and Sunday and it does this on Monday???
On the bright side, the dog was exhausted last night from staying outside all day and I got to drive around with the top down on the car.  

I went to Wallyworld yesterday and added to my stash o' chapstick.
Cake Batter & Red Velvet Cupcake.  
And a little tub of Carmex.
One can never have too much chapstick you know!

So today I cleaned the downstairs and decided to springify my mantle.
Lighter, fresher and we're ready for Easter.

I bought this little 59 cent cow because it makes me smile.
Hubster has decided that his chore everyday is to move the cow somewhere in the kitchen.
This is where I found it today.   He looks quite at home there and like he fits right in that red barn on the milk container.   Who knows where he shows up next??

I found these at WallyWorld yesterday.  Well I had to buy them and try them.
Research people...I'm a food blogger!!!
Yeah, they're really good, unfortunately for my hips.

I saw this today and it really made me think.

I got some sad news from a dear sweet friend in Kentucky and it reminded me of when I moved to Florida from Kentucky.  Just me and a 4th grade boy stepping off the cliff of faith that God was directing us towards.  That girls mama was one of my biggest cheerleaders, she kept telling me if you know God is telling you to go then you have to go.  We're always here any time you need us.
She was right and she and many others were there for me when things weren't so great in Florida.  Now I know Florida wasn't the destination it was just a stop along a beautiful track sending me on my way to Texas. Mrs. S was there for me then and now she's probably giving that same advice to her beautiful daughter.  Sometimes you just have to let go and let God push you to take that step.  I know my life is the better for it and I'm glad I listened to God, my heart and Mrs. S.  

So are you guys ready for me to cook again?
What's been new in your lives this week?

Peace, Love & Poptart Love

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