Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Tumblings...the March 12 edition

It's TuTu Tuesday folks and while I haven't posted I HAVE been cooking so as soon as I can get my caboose in gear we'll be getting those taken care of.

It is with that and without further ado, I give you Tuesday Tumblings.

Making Puppy Chow is messy business.

Hopefully the Abogg & company enjoyed it on their spring break car ride.

I put the Hubster and his brother to work on Sunday.
They put shelves in the armoire.  I feel MUCHO GRANDE better about all that glassware being in there now.  It was all piled on the bottom shelf!!  eeeekkk!

I had some strawberries that were just about to give up the battle so I dipped them in chocolate.
Merebear and Cullster approved.

Then I made some of The Pioneer Woman's Creamy Lemon Crumb Squares.
oh lawdy they are so good!

We all went to see this on Sunday evening.  Was it worth seeing? Yes
Was it worth seeing in 3D XD for 14.50 a ticket...probably not.
Unless you are just really really into 3D movies, just see the regular movie.
I think the spectacularness of the special effects will still be there.
Oh, if your kids are afraid of the flying monkeys, beware they are back.
(lots of children in our showing and none of them screamed or cried because let's face it those monkeys are creeeeeeepy!!! 

You can see our front hallway on the left and I grew so weary of stepping falling over that gate.
I felt Sir Winston Churchill was ready for the big move.....The Annexation of Puerto Rico!

(seriously if you've not seen Little Giants  you are missing out!!)
The annexation is going well so far.  Join us next time for when the wall comes down.

I made dinner last night, it was crunchy taco night.
We haven't had just plain ole' taco's in forever.  They were quite tasty, glad the Merebear and Hubster wanted to go old school with the tacos.

Seriously do we need a bigger bed or what?
45 lbs. 5 months.

One last look at those lemon squares just to get your mouth watering!
They are so simple and easy so don't be afraid!

Ok, so what's new with you peeps?
I'm still going to try and pull it together for some food posts this week and believe it or not.... I'm STILL working on my word of the year.  Yep if you notice that little YELLOW badge has been up there for well over a year and I just can't seem to nail down the one word that is speaking to me this year.   What about you?  Did you have a word of the year? What was it?  Any suggestions?

Peace, Love & Spring is coming Love!!

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