Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two Weeks of Tuesday Tumblings

Hey Peeps...it's TuTu Tuesday and I'm back.  I was a little busy getting ready last week for our trip to visit ASU with the Merebear so we've got two weeks worth of ramblings to cover so we better get started.  Besides that it's 10:15 in the morning and I'm still in my PJ's and haven't really accomplished much but breakfast, making the bed and cleaning out my blog reader so I figured I should be somewhat productive while I sit here and watch Kathie Lee & Hoda.   Smiley

We had some leftover spaghetti one night and I had a big ole' zucchini that needed to be used so I julienned it and boiled it like pasta.  It was pretty good, next time we will do a thinner julienne but it was pretty good, not pasta good, but good.
(by the way if you notice the WHITE pasta-that's what happens when you let Hubster and a 17 year old grocery shop.  Oh and they took the opportunity to "load up" on it so I won't run out! sneaky devils)

We had a stinking crap load of leftovers so we had a leftover buffet before we left.
See, I have been cooking after all!

I made The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Tortilla Soup, gosh it's really good.
I mean like really good!!

On Pi day (03/16) I decided to make pies!
Brilliant I am I know!

Just a little pie crust, canned pie filling and a little time.

I made cherry (my fave!) and peach and strawberry.
They were really good the day I made them, the next few days not so much.
Pie crust is hard to store but the Hubster took them to work and they gobbled them up.

This is late afternoon, he just follows the ray of sunshine around the yard.
Yeah it's cute in March, in August he'll be praying for shade!

In 5 more days I could have a REAL shamrock shake except Mickey D's has the audacity to stop selling them after St Patricks Day.   LENT Mickey D's LENT for gosh sakes don't discontinue something before Lent is over.  I swear all I'm eating is ice cream on Sunday. 


Of course we had Shepherds Pie on St. Paddy's Day

Here's the link to the Shepherds Pie recipe in case you need a dinner idea.
I'm not a huge fan but this recipe I like, no really I do.

This was breakfast one morning....whole wheat waffle, peanut butter, banana and some honey drizzled over the top then lovingly devoured by Moi!

Then Court and Aus stopped in before they began their 17 hour road trip to North Carolina.
I made them some Scooby Snacks.   You gotta have Scooby Snacks for a road trip, it's the law.

I'm still morning the loss of the other earring.
I seriously loved those earrings, my ears are very lonely.

We took a little trip out to Tempe, Arizona.
The Mere has already been accepted here and we are doing visits to narrow down the choices.
(shhh...don't tell her but I think this school is just darn near perfect for her)
Her dad and I are trying very hard to make her choose the school she attends all by herself, the weather certainly helps out here for sure!

We climbed the "A" Mountain one morning
That's the school behind her.

These orange trees are everywhere and seriously the smell coming from them is certainly directly from heaven.  I mean it, it's just heavenly.  The best part, they can leave their windows and doors open so the smell permeates the indoors as well.
(p.s. they taste just awful...very bitter)

She met Alonzo, he was pretty cool.  I asked him why she should choose ASU and he said "Because it's the greatest school ever" 
I don't know about the greatest school ever but the Fear The Fork logo is pretty stinking awesome!
Go Sun Devils!

This is the Palm Walk on campus, it was gorgeous!

"Palm Walk is a popular corridor among students, faculty, staff and university visitors alike. Palm Walk is the most photographed site on the Tempe campus, and extends from the University Bridge on the north to the Student Recreation Complex on the south.Palm trees at the north end of the walk were planted in 1916, and are over 90 feet tall; those planted on the south end are over 70 feet tall and were planted in 1930."- ASU website

Something besides the weather in Arizona to love.....they had Sparkle Cherry Laffy Taffy.

No seriously, it has sprinkles and is the best ever.

This is another reason to visit Tempe, Arizona.  It was just outside our hotel. We stopped in twice.
Great googly moogly!!!  I'm attempting to make them at home and yes, I'm well aware that last summer was the summer of the popsicle.  I see no need to stop the trend!!
(this is frozen fruit and in no way violates my Lent requirements-thankyouverymuch)

Ok folks I've talked and rambled and droned on for long enough.  You have things to do and I have a shower to take and dinner to figure out.  It's time to face the real world and leave the world of the recliner and Pj's.  

So what's new with you peep???

Peace, Love & Paletas

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