Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl Snack planning

Happy Friday Peeps!!!

Let's all remember to do this today.

Here are some things I'm planning to do on Super Bowl Sunday.  Notice I said planning....there is the probable chance I'll call an audible and change the play.  

So today on Friday this is what I'm planning and I'll try to throw in some other things I've made before that are always a hit.

We are doing a chili bar this year & friends are bringing other sneaky snacks so I'm covering my end of things today.   

The Pioneer Woman has never let me down so I'm going to make her chili.

I'm also making a vegetarian version for a friend who'll be here.  I'll try real hard to get photos and the recipe up next week.  Remind me if you don't see it so I'll remember my promises.


This was my inspiration for the chili bar.   I'm getting the small bags of frito's.  I'll have some hot dogs in the buns ready but I'm cutting them in half.  I'm also going to use some small potatoes and bake those up to have on the table.   Definitely some tortilla chips but I'm undecided on whether or not I'll have french fries on the bar and I might have some rice as well.  

I have a nice galvanized tub that I'll pop the beer and root beer into.  There might even be a pitcher or two of margaritas hanging around.

My Super Bowl setup will definitely not be this elegant, I'm more of a fun girl than a serious girl!!

Toppings will be shredded cheese, jalape├▒os, shredded cheese, onions, shredded cheese, queso dip and salsa.  Maybe a batch of guacamole if I get any avocados in my Bountiful Basket Saturday morning.
And maybe some more cheese....I like to make sure we have plenty of cheese, it's important you know!

So normally we don't really have a food "theme" we just have whatever everyone brings but we are having a MUCH smaller group this year so I figured I'd just go with something like this for a change.

Now by request here are a few things that have appeared at previous super bowl parties or could make an appearance.

If this is on the table you will find LL and I very very very close to it.

And seriously....are you allowed to have a super bowl party without Rotel & Velveeta Queso Dip
If you do then I'm not coming to your house.  Unless I bring my own and then I might not share.

This hasn't made it to a Super Bowl party but it should!!!
I call it Kentucky Chex Mix

Of course there has always been the usual hot wings, pizza, so many dips we couldn't keep track of them.  I guess we're just big dippers around here.

These were some things that almost made the cut this year.  Maybe I'll just save them for the kick off of football season in the fall!!   Click on the link below the photo to go to the site with these amazing recipes for you to try.   If you do , let me know!!

This is a woman after my own heart....seriously is that not beautiful??

Well peeps....that's not a full list by any means but you get an idea that we like dips and finger foods.
Nothing difficult to eat and nothing that can't go with you if you jump up to see that crazy instant replay or yell at the coaches or even a really great commercial.  The Super Bowl is one of my favorite annual get togethers. It's relaxed, it's fun, it's easy and it's also usually a day or so surrounding my birthday.
Celebrating with friends and family...what's better?

I'm off to pull the super bowl decorations down from the attic and take my mama on a quick Party City trip.  Wish us luck!!   Hope her stamina holds out, I'm a doozy at Party City!! 

What are your Super Bowl plans?
Watch...yes or no??

Peace, Love & Dip!

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