Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting close--- August 18,2009

Well, it's only 2 days until I take my sweet baby boy to college. I have noticed that I tend to cry at the strangest things but fortunately I've managed to not cry in front of him. It's very exciting for him and he's excited and ready to go. He's going to Baylor University, the only college he applied to. It's where he wants to be without a doubt and it's only an hour and a half away from home so that's not bad either. I'll just miss him being home all the time. You know for almost 16 years it was only he and I. We have a very different kind of relationship, I'm still the parent and he's still the kid but we have a bond that is so much stronger than other people. We've been through really good times and really not so good times. He has sat in the floor and cried with me even when he didn't know what was wrong and I've cried with him just because sometimes we all need a good cry. I'll definitely miss him that's for sure!!

I never thought that when his dad bailed on us that things would be alright for us, but you know, God is amazing! He knew all along and while there were times it was hard, we leaned on Him and trusted that He would take care of us and He did. Just like he promises!! I really should let God have control all the time but then again, I wouldn't be me if I didn't try to "help out" and God already knows that I will.

For all you mama's sending your babies to college, hang in there. Their life is going to be very exciting and you've done a good job. Now, we just have to let them show the world what great parents they had. :0)

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