Wednesday, August 12, 2009

National Ignore Mean People and Liars Day -Aug 12, 2009

well, since some days I think I make more sense than most politicians so I have proclaimed it to be "Ignore Mean People and Liars Day" as I said on Facebook all you meanies and fibbers should be prepared to be ignored. You do not deserve our attention nor do you have the right to make us upset or frustrated or feel like lesser members of society. so there....

Let's see life today seems to involve lots of flu and vomiting. One of my coworkers had to take her son to the doctor yesterday, he has the flu so the whole family got to get Tamiflu. Another coworker was almost at her sitter's house and her daughter proceeded to puke all in the car so they had to turn around and go home. My husband called this morning and my 18 year old stepdaughter is also vomiting everywhere. She was supposed to be doing clinic visits with a neurosurgeon today as she plans to major in neuroscience and go to med school. She watched him do surgery yesterday, hope she doesn't have the flu too!!! My son just has pink eye. Guess those contacts are shot! So far the 14 year old stepdaughter has contracted no illnesses that we know of (she doesn't live with us- but she should, I'm just saying).

Money just seems to fly out the door at a rapid rate now. This weekend we need to purchase 2 bicycles for the college bound kids, a bike rack (gotta get it back and forth somehow), 2 bike locks, several power strips, one mini fridge, one wire over the toilet shelf unit, at least 3 pairs of tennis shoes and various other clothing items required by three teenagers. Not to mention start getting all this college stuff packed up and ready to leave the house in one week. whew...I need a nap already!!!

Anyone got any locations for store coupons and discounts? I'm going to need them bad!

happy hump day and don't forget IGNORE the meanies and fibbers!

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