Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Aug. 4 - Coupon and Freebie Madness

Well, I thought I would blog everyday but apparently life keeps getting in the way. As I mentioned before I've gone nutso over the freebies and coupon sites, now I have taken a friend to the darkside with me. I have her so hooked and I kind of feel bad but then again, it's nice to have a friend who understands the "excitement". I knew I had her Saturday night when I helped her sign up for the free JC Penney tank top giveaway and also the free $10 of free food from Schwan's. It's a shame that Costco doesn't take coupons because DH (dear hubby for those non flylady people) and I went Sunday and spent a small fortune. We are taking about 8 kids to Schlitterbahn this weekend and we had so much junk in our cart that people were beginning to stare at our cart and we were beginning to feel the need to justify to everyone why we were buying all of that stuff!! Anyway, if Costco took coupons I could have saved lots of money!! Hear that Costco, TAKE COUPONS!!!
So Friday we are leaving for New Braunfels to Schlitterbahn with about 8 teenagers and half of those being 18 year old boys. I think now you understand my food purchases a bit more. :0)
We always have a good time on these trips even though we get home so late on Sunday evening and have to work the next day. More on that later this week and now I'm off to freebie and coupon hunt some more as the boss just left for lunch. Hey!! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! Have a great day everyone and if you are Texas like me...try to stay cool, it's another scorcher today!

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