Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Luck Soup and Cornbread

well peeps I just thought you should see my clean oven.  try to control yourselves, it took 4 hours to get it that clean.  Of course all I had to do was push the button on the oven.  In any case, it was still exhausting.

Let's get dinner started because gosh knows it's gonna be 9 o'clock before we eat!  It's one of my biggest complaints of being drug to the gym every night by my hubby.  I KNOW it's good for us and I KNOW that I need to lose some weight and I KNOW that he has the bones of an 80 yr old woman and he must do weight bearing exercise but's inconvenient as heck that they close the hot tub at 8 pm. because if I'm going to exercise then I'm getting in the hot tub!  grrrrrr

Moving on, let's make soup because it's so yummy and so easy and I had to put in no effort.

First you need to go to First Monday's at Canton (Texas not Ohio) and find this booth and buy some mix!

or you can go to their website and order some.  It's not nearly as fun as going to Canton but it will work in a pinch or if you live like really far away.   Or you could just come visit me and go to Canton with me since I went for the first time and have found a new hobby.  sorry's true plus they have corny dogs.

Now get the water to boiling per package directions and then dig around in the freezer and find the last remaining ham bone and plunk it in that water. 

Note to self...bake a ham, you have none left in freezer

Now while that water and hambone are coming up to a good rolling boil get the package stuff ready and open you a can of tomatoes.  I used stewed because for some reason I had MANY cans of them in the pantry. Don't know why either.

When you are boiling (the water not you) just dump in the soup mix

Now dump in the seasoning packet

and add those tomatoes

give a good stir and bring back to a boil

turn the heat down to simmer and cover and go do something else.  I think the package tells you what time to cook it for but who am I to listen to printed directions.  I let mine simmer for several hours.
Case in point to not following directions.  I got out the ingredients for cornbread. I left something out but I don't really know which one it was.

In any event it sure was purty!  And if you dumped it in the soup you couldn't even tell something just wasn't quite right about it.  We ate it and hubby saved the rest because he loves him some cornbread!  Even if you forget an ingredient.

Wah La   dinner is served and yes, it was darn near nine o'clock.

Which is tolerable on Tuesdays since Sons of Anarchy comes on at 9 pm but NOOOOOOOOOOO Dish Network had to get themselves in a little ole' spat with Fox and we are now missing FX (which SOA comes on and our regional sports channel)  Seriously, it's Texas and you took away the regional sports channel in the MIDDLE OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON. Are you outta yo freakin minds!!!!!
whew, thanks I feel better getting that off my chest.  Since Dish hath hacked us off greatly we took the liberty of cancelling our Dish service and are switching to Verizon FIOS. They are much nicer people who are gonna upgrade our internet connection AND give me more channels INCLUDING FX where I shall happily watch my Sons of Anarchy and have fantasies of being Jax's "old lady" in my wanna be a bad girl alternate life.   heeeheeee    Don't be shy, we all have that little rebel bad girl living inside us that yearns to come out every now and again and SOA fills that void.  Unless you are on Dish then you are gonna have to watch and get caught up.   Gotta run peeps, much work to do today as it's almost time to head for the beach!!!  whoop whoop whooop!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!

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