Tuesday, June 8, 2010

some kind of amazing chicken

well peeps I'm back from vacation and cooking again.   I tried a new recipe out last night and it is definately a keeper!    We had an extra 19 year old joining us for dinner then another 19 year old boy straggled in for leftovers.  :0)   A house full....one of my things I love about summer. Maybe one day I'll make a list of such things then I can read the list when it's over a hundred degrees before noon and I'm questioning why I live in Texas???!!!

First item of business, go to Central Market and find one of the super great nice guys behind the meat counter.  Get yourself some Lemon Herb marinated chicken breasts.  If you go this week and buy two pounds worth, they will give you an angel food cake and a pound of strawberries....just sayin  :0)  Betcha can't guess what we had for dessert??!!

I actually purchased three of these LARGE breasts and we fed six people with some leftover for hubby's lunch today.  3 of those six people were 19 year old boys too!!
OK, we are going to put these breasts between sheets of wax paper and beat them up!  well...not too hard but give 'em some good whacks!
Now when you were at the grocery you also needed to grab some Peppered bacon.  
Just cut the whole pack of bacon in half and we'll use half the package.
Just pop the other half in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag and save them for later in the week.  Of course if you cook the whole package you will not waste valuable time slapping hands off the cooked bacon.

Now, lets get out one of my favorite kitchen toys.....the electric skillet.  I don't use it often but I LOVE it when I do use it.  It's old and not very pretty but it serves the purpose.  We're gonna fry that bacon up in the skillet until it's done but still kinda chewy. 

Oh, the red, white and blue things in the jar....star marshmallows.  :0)
Now get that bacon all fried up and then off to a paper towel lined plate to drain.  You need to drain off most of the bacon grease, just leave a bit in the pan and then we are going to throw those chicken breasts in the pan. 

Let those  breast get all cooked up on one side and then flip them over.  While the second side is cooking, lay the strips of bacon over the top of the cooked side of the chicken, and use ever how much bacon you like or in my case, as much as you can cram on top of the chicken.
now, take some good ol' colby cheese and slice it up

and plop those slices right over the top of the bacon.  Sorry...no picture because I was starting to get all excited and such.... plus the smell in the kitchen between the chicken and the bacon then the cheese, it was too much for my concentration.

Anyway, also slap the lid on the top of the electric skillet (or regular skillet) and let that chicken finish cooking and that cheese start melting.   When your chicken breasts are cooked through take em' out of the skillet and serve it up.  Then back quickly away from the table, lest you be trampled by the starving people who have invaded your kitchen because of the amazing smells drifting through the entire house. 

We just had some spring greens with salad dressing and some of Central Market's Durham Sourdough bread as side items.   and then as quickly as it arrived....dinner was gone but never fear, full bellies and happy faces remained.    Stay cool peeps it's another scorcher today!

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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