Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Hot Monday Musings

It's hot peeps....I mean REALLY REALLY HOT!!  
I have a hodgepodge of pics and stuff from the latter part of last week and also the weekend.  Nothing too serious on a Monday for ya!

First of all since I talk about my current obsession with making potatoes, sweet potatoes and veggies a particular way I decided to do a bit more info and add a few pics to the concept.

First of all you gotta cut 'em up:

on this particular evening we were having sweet potatoes and zucchini.
Once they are cut up you need to give a light coating of olive oil and then add some salt and pepper.
Mix that all up really good .....go ahead get your hands in there!!!   Then spread them out on a baking sheet and get that oven going at 375 degrees. 
Once you have them spread out then lightly dust everything with some thyme.
Now pop them in the oven and let them cook up as tender and crispy as your family likes them!

Lesson learned this evening.......when you are cooking zucchini with any other potato type veggie, put the zucchini in one pan and the potatoes in another.  The zucchini almost got too done and the potatoes could have stayed in a bit longer.  No worries .....No leftovers  :0)

This was dinner and if you want to make the chicken sammies, just head over here and find out how.

Now for a refreshing break of summertime food goodies......

Seedless delicious watermelon
This was a chocolate frosty homemade ice cream and the next time we make it... I promise to take photos and share.  It's scrumpdillyiscious!

Hot dogs and Earl Campbell hot links on the barbie mates!

My hubby's favorite condiment!

the plate on the left is hubby's Father's day lunch and the plate on the right is mine.   :0)  hey...I just cook what he requested folks!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!!

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