Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday musings...and fajita's

Soooo, it's Tuesday night and it's dinner time.  Let's do it!

You can see the fajita meat in the background. Of course meat this gorgeous came from the ever popular Central Market.  It was a splurge week on meat this week for dinner.  Eh, sometimes you just gotta!! 

Ok since the nice meat guy told me to go over and pick up the prepackaged fajita veggies because it was cheaper that way... I did.  I like to do as I'm told, especially if I know the person KNOWS what they are talking about.    Anyway, I just drizzled olive oil all over those babies and put them on an iron grill pan.  Too hot for the oven peeps!

Seeeeeee, just beautiful!!!!

Now, let's get the yellow rice cooking on the stove per package directions and go ahead and open that mexicorn up and plop a little dollop of butter in it and get it simmering too.

Time to head outside to the grill.  Get the grill preheated and start trekking all the food substances outside...remember, close the door behind you it's hot and there are flies. 

If you notice the black beans are just in a glass container hanging out on the top rack. That is crumbled queso fresco cheese on the top.   Veggies and fajita mean cooking away. 

Fajita meat is looking good!!  This was a Southwest marinade by the store.  Really good too!

Let's check on those veggies and we are trying really hard not to char them like I'm prone to doing!

Well well what do you know... perfect!!!  I love it when a plan starts coming together  :0)

Let's fix our plates and see what I had for dinner!!!

A little more sprinkled cheese on the fajita and it's dinner time. Once again my meat men at Central Market didn't disappoint.   Yuuuuummmmmmooooo!

Ok, now a picture of one of the many reasons I love summertime.....

Seriously.... I really should compile a photo list of my summertime favorites.  Maybe I will in January when I'm freezing my honkus off.

So last night hubby and I head over to Mark's house to help him get ready for his party on Saturday. He is redoing his powder bathroom.  I'm talking a full on redo folks...nothing in the room, everything getting spiffed up.  On that note I wish to say that the new Behr paint and primer in one is AMAZING!!!   WOW...the color we picked is Wild Raisin and by the way, I'm wild over the color.  I'm trying to figure out where I can repaint....heeheee.  Anyway, one coat peeps...just one coat AND it was over a white wall texturizer. At 32.98 a gallon, well worth the money.   As usual the paint folks at Home Depot are super duper helpful.
Back to dinner....sorry I get distracted sometimes!
So I cut up the now infamous sweet potatoes and patted out the bison burgers for the kids. Left my son in charge of cooking dinner.  He cooked dinner.... I just forgot to remind him to get photos.  Oh well, maybe next time but in the meantime you can see the before pics.

These are the sweet potatoes, all cut up and drizzled in olive oil, salt, pepper and a little thyme.
Just roast them in the oven at 375 until they are done the way you like them. We like them crispy round these parts.
Now the burgers...not ground beef oh no no no...let the Central Market meat festivities continue. We got bison burgers baybay!!!

Don't be swayed by the words....these are so good and so moist and so not greasy. The flavor is like the best ground beef ever and they come off the grill the same size as they went on.  No need to do anything to these pups, just a little salt and pepper on them and off to the grill they go.  My son did note that they got "brown" really quick but don't mistake that for done....check the inside before shutting down the cooker. 

Now one last breakfast.  It was too yummy.  Normally I have a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and a banana but today I subbed in fresh sliced Texas peaches and OMG!!!  Awesomeness I tell you, pure awesomeness!

Now go forth and conquer my peeps and always remember.....

Peace, Love and Yummies!

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