Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday....Fruit Dip and doctor appts. BLEK!

well, it's Monday alrighty.  I've already had one dr. appt with a surgical consult set for Thursday.  I'd tell you but you'd be all grossed out so let's just skip that part.  Later today I'm off to the dentist to get two crowns.  Getting old sucks people!!

So this past weekend we went to Schlitterbahn, had a great time and I really really meant to get pics of all the food we took buuuutttt..... I kinda sorta forgot.  sorry about that...however I DID take a few pics of this amazing fruit dip I make.  It's so easy so luscious and so so easy!!

let's do it!

First thing beat up the softened cream cheese. Let that stuff get to room temp and it beats up much smoother, then throw in that jar of marshmallow creme and beat that all nice and smooth then dump in that thawed cool whip and beat again until nice and smooth.  Then it's all done!!

Now serve it up with some fruit and be prepared for people to LOVE you!!! 

I just dumped mine back in the cool whip bowl so it could make the trip to Schlitterbahn with us.
I'm not sure what dinner will bring tonight peeps as getting two crowns at 3:20 in the afternoon is likely to leave me less than thrilled to cook dinner. It might be a fish stick never can tell. :0)

Happy Monday folks and pray for rain!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!!

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