Friday, July 2, 2010


Betcha thought I ran away and joined the circus!   Just a weirdly busy week!!

Let's talk about lots of stuff!

Summer Love
ahhh....all from my loins...well, the pots i planted them in technically but you get the idea.
So far only 1 zucchini but it was sooooo flavorful. Even the Abogg commented on how much flavor it had.

We had Burgers and Fries one night this week....
This made it super yummo   Peppered Bacon!!!   Buy it, cook it, LOVE it!!

I also cooked up the usual side dish around here lately:

this and the only squash and zucchini yielded thus far from my hard labor.

I know I know...doesn't look like much but it was really good!
This is Jeff's burger and this is my plate....of which I forgot to take a photo until I was about halfway through the burger.  Sorry...I get hungry!

They are just plain ole' baked beans from a can.  I spice them up with a little squirt or two of yellow mustard and a handful of brown sugar.

Let's see.....oh, we also had Spaghetti one evening.  I've done the spaghetti before but this time I put a little twist to it.  You can see the first full link here and here is the twist for it:
Nooo, the meat isn't bad.  I used a pound of ground beef and also about 1/3 a pound of hot italian sausage.  I think the sausage addition gives it a little zip and zing!  Just brown that meat up really good and get the onions and garlic going in another pan like this:

Then you are gonna add all this stuff:
Plus the spices

Mix it all up in a big pot!
Make sure you get a big enough pot or your stove will look like this too!
Yeah, I made a pot size bad decision...oh well, live and learn...dishpan hands here I come!

We also had some rolls...the freezer kind but they are soooo yuuummmmooo!
Let's bake 'em up!


Just so you know, this is what I face every morning....

Lots and lots of dishes!!
But I had this for breakfast and I felt MUCH better about life:

first you take a graham cracker

Then you spread some Nutella on it

Then you spread on some good ole marshmallow creme

Indoor Smores!!!    Gotta gotta love it!!!

Hmmmm. and finally last night we had some Tequila Lime Chicken and fixin's but you are gonna have to wait until tomorrow for that one.  I gotta get bizzzy round here!

Have a super Friday peeps and don't forget....

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!

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