Thursday, July 22, 2010

Corn & Tomato pizza, an UGLY cake and a wine bottle craft!

well, it's Thursday and I have a few things to talk about today.  Some good....some disasters. Hey we all have I'm poking fun of mine today!

First up, the wine bottle lamp.  I saw these at the Peach Festival and I loved them but didn't so much love the $30 price tag.  So off to Hobby Lobby and Michaels to find the supplies.   The grapes and the ribbon came from Michaels but had to go to Hobby Lobby to get the lights.   Couldn't find them there either until I had to use the restroom and I walked right past them on my way to the girls room.  That small bladder of mine comes in handy occasionally!

Here is the finished product!
Notice the name of the wine????   Chateau Ste. Michelle    :0) 
Too cute and too easy!  I'm making Court one from a Sangria bottle for her apartment. 

Now..... onto the pizza because it was soooooo good!!!
I saw this in Southern living magazine and modified it a bit to suit our taste but it was soooo yummy!!

You need about 3 tomatoes and go ahead and slice those up and place the slices on a paper towel lined plate and then sprinkle salt and pepper over them and let them sit at least 20 minutes.  I have no idea why.... I just did as I was told and you will completely understand that when you see the following section on the kitchen disasters I experienced making a cake!!

Now get some premade pizza crust, we like thin crust so that's what we used. Take that crust and put it on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and spread the crust with a good pesto sauce.

You notice the one on the right is pretty light on the pesto...well, hubby isn't real crazy about pesto so we decided to make a second pizza with a little bit of pesto and then added some marinara sauce

You know....just in case he didn't like straight pesto.  Court and I are pesto fans so we left the one heavy with the Pesto!

Since yesterday was Wednesday and you know that I go to Sprouts on Wednesday, I picked up the pesto there and also these beauties...

After you get them cleaned go ahead and scrape off the kernels into a bowl.  I have to confess both hubby and I were sneaking bites of the raw corn.  It was THAT good!!!

Now you need to mix a big heaping 1/2 cup of corn together with 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese and 1 tsp sugar.  I'm sure my corn was more like 3/4 cup but we like fresh corn!

Now that you have that mixed up let's add it to the pesto on the pizza crust.

and of course we need some on the variation crust too.....

now reach over and grab those tomatoes off the counter and add those slices to the pizza

and to the other, you don't want it feeling all left out and such

Now we need some slices of mozzarella cheese over these babies

 and the other

now then hubby wanted a few turkey pepperoni slices added to the variation style... so I did

and then I tossed a bit of shredded italian cheese blend on and a sprinkle more parmesan for good measure!

Then I baked them on 450 for about 15 minutes

and finally

these were soooo yummy.   We had corn on pizza when we were in the Dominican Republic last year on vacation and we all went nuts for it and this is the closest we've come to getting that taste again. your mind and try it. You won't be disappointed!

Now for the disasters of the day.  

I tried to make one of Jeff's moms recipes, Cherry Bubble Cake.  I learned a few things.....
1)  the cake is supposed to be baked as a sheet cake, not a bundt. 
in my defense, this was not cited in the recipe
2) cake plates will break directly in half if you aren't careful
3) salt spilled all over your stovetop makes a mess

Pictures to prove the above theories:




I actually had to use the vacum cleaner to get all the salt up...geez, it was a bad afternoon in the kitchen.

On a brighter note, hubby said the cake tasted just as he remembered it. I have self proclaimed it the ugliest cake I've ever made!!!  

ehhh, try try try try again!!   I'd sooo love to have a big piece of this right now with the biggest diet coke in the world but alas.... I must sign off for the day as I'm about to leave to have a little outpatient surgery done and I've been NPO since midnight.  BLEK!!!!

Have fun in the kitchen peeps... celebrate the successes and laugh with the failures and the messes...after all, it's the fun you have and the love you give to your family that matters the most!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!!

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