Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thyme is on my side ♪♪♪ along with some olive oil

Howdeee doodee folks!!  Did you miss me??? I have surely missed you guys and the blog.  For some reason my schedule is as out of whack as ever.  My uterus isn't helping out in that area either but I'll spare you the horror stories of a "disturbed" uterus and a prolapsed bladder.  Hmmm, sounds like a movie on Lifetime!!

Sooooo, since you are all very well aware of the fact that several times a week we make some kind of roasted veggie with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme. Well, it just so happens that I have Thyme coming out the waaazoooo around here.   While I was browsing around World Market I ran across a doozie deal on a jug of olive oil and so we shall try something new and hopefully delightful!

Gather up the items shown below:

Wash those new bottles out really well and let them dry.  Then it's time to take some sprigs of thyme and stuff down in the bottle.  I found the end of a wooden spoon tremendously helpful.

ohhh, you need a funnel too. Unless of course your pouring skills are way better than mine!!

As far as how much thyme...well, that's a little experiment we are working on.  It will get stronger the longer the thyme is in the bottle so I suppose when it reaches the strength we like we'll take the thyme out.???  Now how was that for the scientific answer of the day!!! 

Now let's pour in the olive oil peeps!

Isn't it pretty????   I think it's quite lovely!
Now cork those bottles and I'm gonna let all three hang out around my cooktop cause that's just how I'm rolling today!

Like I said, they need to hang out for about two weeks before you start testing them and fiddling with the ratio.  I'll keep ya posted!

The plan is that I'm keeping the big one and then the two smaller bottles will make their way to Waco and Austin with the kids to their apartments this fall.  Maybe they'll actually cook with it..maybe they won't but I tried didn't I???  

I have last night's dinner to post but it's Wednesday and that's my Sprouts Day so I'll catch ya later gators!

Peace, Love and Yummies folks!

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