Friday, July 30, 2010

Tales of Lemonade pie and mysterious mushrooms!

Happy Friday peeps!!

We've been so bad about eating out this week, we had Cowboy Chow not once but twice!!! 
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  Monday night me, the hubster and the Mere went before we took her back home.  I had the Jalapeno Brisket Tacos and a Mexican Vanilla Coke.  SCRUMPTIOUS!!!
The other two had the Cast Iron Chicken Pot Pie which they love!   Last night I ventured to new territory and had a Cowboy Grilled Cheese, Buttered and grilled Texas Toast filled lovingly with shredded bison and mont. jack cheese.  LAWD have mercy on my soul!  gosh it was good. Of course, we always have an appetizer of Cowboy Nachos.  Someday I'm trying the Navajo fry bread instead.  Oh, I also had a margarita made with chili infused tequila. ooooh lalalaa  spicy senorita!

Ok, so first the lemonade pie and a small confession.

Here's what I used to make it with a picture when it was complete.

I couldn't take pictures during the process because you have to work quickly but it's super easy!
Take your can of eagle brand milk and dump it into the mixer bowl then dump in the thawed cool whip and mix quickly, then dump in a 12 oz can of frozen lemonade and mix quickly.  Pour that into a graham cracker crust, spread out smoothly and pop that baby back in the freezer for about 6 hrs. 

Now for my confession...................................

um, sorry folks, I ate this for breakfast  :0)   By the way, the secret to sneaking pie in the morning without giving yourself away is to use the paper plates.  hahaha    lick the fork clean and tada  no evidence left behind!   It's brilliant don't you think!

Anyway, it's hotter than cootie brown here and even at 8:30 this morning this pie was so refreshing!  I'm just pondering the possibilities....strawberry lemonade, strawberry daquiri, limeade..... I could go on and on but I have another topic to discuss.

Mysterious mushrooms!!!!

Mid conversation with hubby this morning I looked over and saw this.....

me thinks maybe there is a difference in indoor and outdoor potting soil???   I don't think my bathroom is very humid either.....hmmmm, I have promptly removed those rascals because a) it's just weird growing mushrooms in your bathroom and b) mushrooms gross me out!

That's it for today folks, I gotta run shower and get my little car over to Sewell to have an oil change.  It's service time and I really love my Sewell Saab dealership!  No kidding, they totally rock!!! 

Peace, Love and Yummies and Happy Friday Peeps!

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