Monday, July 19, 2010

Seal your granite countertops...who knew??

Ok, so this is the first time I've ever had the joy of granite countertops in my kitchen.  Apparently about once a year those little boogers need to be resealed. Who knew???? Not me that's for sure...well, until recently.  Sooooo, it's so stinkin' hot around here that we set off to Home Depot yesterday to pick up a few necessary things and the granite sealer was one.  Since Monday is cleaning day for the downstairs....guess what else had to happen??     As a public service announcement to those of you, who like me were not aware of this process, I give sealing of the countertops!

Step one: Take everything off the countertops

Step two:  You gotta clean them first
I use this stuff regularly... I mean, geez I do know that you have to clean your countertops!! 

Step Two:

Apply the sealer with a white towel

As you can see....this happens to be a cloth diaper leftover from Alex's daycare days.  Good thing we don't send these suckers to the landfill...they'd live forever!!! 

Apply the sealant to a section of the countertops and then set your timer for about 5 minutes

Now while this is counting down I decided to start cleaning the next section of counters.

Once the timer goes off take another white towel and wipe the counters, it almost seemed like waxing a car to me.

Then carefully place all those items you cleaned off your counter back in their proper positions, and hopefully you are like me and you took the time to wipe all the grubby fingerprints off everything too.  :0)

See, nice and shiny!

and yes.... I'm aware that my air freshener is empty and I will replace that as soon as I'm finished with this post!

Once all those kitchen counters are finished...... you should treat yourself to one of these!!!
seeee...there was food in the post today!!  Tomato sandwich!!!  AWESOMENESS!!

While at the Depot yesterday we also got some new pots for the house....WOW...what a difference a pot makes!!!

Take this one before....

and now the AFTER.........

Much better....don't you think?

Now the big one..... BEFORE

Now check Mr. Corn Plant out......

He got a new location too.... I rearranged furniture a few weeks ago.

and a closer look at this gorgeous pot....

I tell's the little things that get me excited!!!

Peace, Love and Yummies folks

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