Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holy Guacamole and Carne Asada.....Ole!

Happy Thirsty Thursday Peeps.  I'm beat I tell ya...just beat!

I have been up since about 7:15 and mowed three yards and weedwhacked one of those, cleaned my entire upstairs AND shampooed the carpets.  Can I go to bed puhleeeezzzzeee???

Ok, first things first, you need to know what we had for dinner last night!
Well, it was Wednesday so I went to my favorite Wednesday hangout.....Sprout's!!!
The Extra Lean ground beef was 1.99 lb. This is what I do to it when I get home.
All bundled up in nice one lb. packages just ready and waiting on me.  That $5 yard sale find Food Saver is worth it's weight in gold!!

So first of all we had to get the rice and beans going

Just follow the directions for the rice, easy peasy tonight folks.

We should have some guacamole don't ya think??!
Smush up those avocado's then plop in a big spoonful of that pico de gallo and then give a lime a sqeeze in there and then my secret ingredient....a little fresh orange juice!

TO THE GRILL JAMES.......  oh, sorry I got carried away actually it was me to the grill!

see those 'maters???  Well I just sliced those little jewels in half and poured some olive oil in that pan and tossed those pups with some Mexian Season All.  The meat, already all seasoned up from the Butcher at Sprouts, so I just popped it on the grill.

ooohhh, check out this shot

I even made it BIG for you!!   Are you salivating yet??  I am!!!

and then my dears....dinner is served

we ate our meat like fajitas but you can do whatever your little heart desires and may your dinner be as yummy as ours was!!!   Especially since there was almost zero effort on my side of the stove!

Peace, Love and Yummies!!!!

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