Friday, October 21, 2011

Cowboy Quesadillas

Hey there....well I gotta tell you I've started this very post about 4 times this week and every single time something happens and I never get it finished.  I've been home alone most of this week, hubster is in New Jersey for work so I've eaten nothing but my fingernails watching the Rangers and Cardinals battle it out in the world series!!  Let's clarify my stance....hey, this is important.   My son and I attended so many Cardinals games, we had fun and spent so much time together, got to watch Mark McGwire and created a lifetime a memories at that ballpark.  We now live in Texas and go to a Rangers game whenever I can beg the hubster.  My son now is a huge Josh Hamilton and David Murphy fan but..........we are cheering on the home team of the St.Louis Cardinals.   Don't hate's called fan loyalty, I mean when you've been  
a Dallas Cowboy fan since the 5th grade, you seriously learn how to be loyal fan!  :0)  

Soooo....this recipe has an odd history.  I received a message from one of the survey companies I do things for and it was to make a recipe that was emailed to me.  Well, I got the email and printed the recipe and remembered that I had to make it by a certain date.  So I did.  But I accidentally deleted the email thinking of course that the survey company would send me a link to the site where I complete the information about my assigned recipe. They didn't.  Bottom line.... I seriously have no stinkin' clue for whom I was supposed to complete a survey for this recipe.  It's ok because we loved it!  I mean yeah it's quesadillas and we all make them because they are so easy and simple. But there was just a little something about these that made us fans (can you say Velveeta).  Let's make 'em!

Cowboy Quesedillas

Cast of Characters

1/2 lb of Velveeta (cut into cubes)
10 oz. can of Ro*tel diced tomatoes, drained
4 cups shredded chopped chicken ( I used 1 really big can from Costco)
4 green onions, thinly sliced  (I just used a small red onion)
Flour tortillas

First up since I bailed on the green onions in favor of some red onion (it's what I had on hand) I sauteed  
those up in a little olive oil.  Just get them a little tender.

Next I just tossed that chicken in the pan with the onions.
Broke it up and warmed it up.

see, just get it warmed up and broken up

Now toss in those Ro*Tel tomatoes

and then toss in that Velveeta
Yeah...everything is better with Velveeta!!

Just let that simmer until the cheese melts and it's nice and creamy

Now just warm up those tortillas a little then fill 'em and toast 'em

The first one I filled half and flipped the tortilla over then I figured hey girly goo...just put down one tortilla, filling all over the top and add another tortilla.  MUCH easier.

Slice them up

and serve them up around a big bowl of salsa.
we were all romantic and stuff and shared a plate.
Yeah...right, I was just too lazy to fix plates and we shared a plate between our two laptops since we were getting some work done before heading out of town.   Just keeping it real here folks!

Candy corn + peanuts =

Halloween Crack

Seriously you HAVE to try this.  It's addicting and tastes amazing.
Trust me!

Do you have any tips to make the seemingly hum drum foods like quesadillas more exciting, fresh and new??  Tell me your secrets!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!


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