Tuesday, October 18, 2011

who turned down the thermostat!!

 Now I know you've all heard us crazy folks in Texas complaining about the hot weather and no rain....but  SERIOUSLY!!!  It was 91 freakin' degrees yesterday and today.....65 degrees!!  I mean was it too much to ask for a little fall after that harsh summer we endured!!!

Anyway...I did make a lovely little dish last night for dinner but I haven't uploaded the photos yet so today, you're gonna get to see my Dining Room.  Yeah, try to control the excitement!

On a side note....as I was digging through photos on my laptop it occurs to me, if I die and someone is going through all the photos they are gonna wonder what kind of freak I was.  I mean seriously who takes pictures of their food???   So if I die could you readers PLEASE tell the person going through my photos that I didn't have some weirdo obsession with food.  Thank you in advance!

On a secondary side note....I had my annual "well woman" check up today.  Why do they call it that?? Seriously....well woman as opposed to crazy woman!!!  Anyway, I'm having a few problems and during the course of chatting about various health related topics I'm told that I should not run but walk briskly on the treadmill and that I needed to do yoga.  Yes ladies, the yoga builds a different kind of core strength that is necessary for us post baby pre-menopause girls.  OK so that's all fine and good but the next suggestion...WHOA NELLIE stopped me in my tracks.  Seems it is suggested that I go to an "ahem" adult store and purchase a particular item to help strengthen my pelvic floor muscles.  WELL HELLLOOOOOOOO and just how am I supposed to do that without someone seeing my car parked out in front of one of those "stores".  Geesh...thank goodness Al Gore invented the internet so I can order those things discreetly from the comforts of my own home.   (btw...my doctors office really did suggest this and Al Gore did NOT invent the internet...I'm a little sarcastic today).   Now that we've covered the TMI topics for the day....let's move on to curtains.  A much less embarrassing topic.

Remember that sweet Gloria came over to sew curtains after I finished recovering the dining room chairs? And then I got all crazy and decided to refinish this footstool that hubster brought back from his moms house in North Carolina.   It wasn't in pretty shape but I loved it...so I cleaned it up and tried out some fun new paint.

Let's recap this project shall we??

 Dining Room chairs before

Dining Room chairs after

While I forgot to photograph the stool before I pulled back some of the new fabric so you could see what I was covering up.     Not so pretty...now the funny thing is if that you knew Hubsters mom, you'd wonder how on earth they got this fabric because it looked like nothing in her house.  She had gorgeous antique furniture and everything was very traditional in style, not the mauvey southwest pattern here.

This was the base of the stool.....see VERY pretty and traditional although a little weathered.

So I took her outside and gave her a few coats of the new Martha Stewart Living Precious Metals Paint in Silver Leaf.   Stuff's not cheap but a little goes a long way!!   I painted the stool out and then I did a black glaze by mixing black paint with water and wiping quickly and lightly over the silver.  I did a little edge sanding too.   

And here she is....all recovered and back in place

I really rather like the whole look and now she doesn't just blend in with the wood floors.  She stands out and has that gorgeous fabric on top.

Now....I just need to paint the entry a new color...that beige is a little too bland for me!  :0)

And here is a nice reminder of what was waiting for Sweet Gloria when she arrived to "help" me sew new curtains.

 And here are those new curtains up on the wall and looking awesome!!!    Sweet Gloria did an amazing job on them and now I have enough fabric to make a cornice board covering for the window in the formal living room.   Oh yeah.....I'm slowly working my way through the downstairs windows. The Goal.....Curtains on every window by March.  It's a lofty goal considering we've lived here almost three years and these are the only windows downstairs with curtain.  The upstairs is all done but the downstairs, just the mini blinds so far.    Oh well here's to one window at a time and a final last closeup of that gorgeous fabric I happened across purely by accident!!

Peace, Love & Yummies (even if it's window yummies)!!
Tomorrow...we cook!!!


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