Thursday, October 27, 2011

SemiHomeMade Broccoli Cheese Soup

Well Howdy!!  In dreaming and hoping for some cooler weather around here I wanted some soup.  I didn't get the cooler weather but buddy it's coming today!!

I have done so much buying and stocking the pantry that we are attempting to not go to the wallyworld and just supplement some of our freezer/pantry stuffs with my weekly veggie/fruit run to Sprouts.  I've also finally managed to order my first Bountiful Basket and with a  7:45am pickup on Saturday morning I'm hoping it's a goody!!

One of the things that I have several of is these All of Us Old Plantation Soup mixes.  These things are amazingly good and since I have a little trip to First Monday Trade Days planned for November 5th (it's where I buy these) I figured I better use up the ones I have.

This is what you'll need (the chicken is optional but I like to add it)
the soup mix package
8 oz of Velveeta cheese
8 oz cheddar cheese (I actually used Colby Jack this time)
1/2 cup milk
1 large can of chicken (rinsed and drained)

Bring 3 quarts of water to a boil, drop in soup and seasoning packets.
Return to a boil then reduce heat and simmer .
Stir gently and often for about 20 minutes.
Soup will thicken.

Toss in the cheeses, chicken and milk

Give it all a good stir and simmer until cheeses are melted and soup is warmed throughout.

Serve it up and enjoy!
We enjoyed a salad (what the weird red stuff on the plate is) and some deeevine Jalapeno Cheddar bread from Central Market.   Hey....I had to go for Moo Mondays  :0)

(explanation: Moo Monday is at the Southlake location and you can buy 3 1/2 gallons of their Organic milk for $6 with a $25 purchase.  If you've been to Central Market you will know that spending $25 happens VERY quickly and easily!!!)

While I was in Central Market I also picked up a vanilla bean so I made this:

Not a cocktail!!  Vanilla extract silly!
However I cannot explain why these photos are blurry. It surely looks like I was sipping on the ingredients but I wasn't...pinky swear promise

Although I surely deserved it because I had been to get the yearly boobie squeezing and then I had to have about 6 vials of blood drawn.  Yeah...mama got some health issues working over here. :0(

Take a vanilla bean and split down the middle and scoop out the middle

Stuff that all in a nice bottle
I used a wine bottle...hey, I had a few around

pour in 1 cup of vodka

cork and shake....every week and in 6 months we'll see how good this turns out!
Hey....if all else fails we can just pour it in a coke and have a vanilla coke and vodka!
Just keeping it real folks!!

Peace, Love & Yummies!!!


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