Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get out of the house FAST with a Breakfast Burito

Well Happy Windy Thursday peeps!!
It was 73 degrees and breezy and before I could get my lettuce and spinach harvested from the garden (yipppee my first batch) it was suddenly 56 degrees and VERY WINDY!!  It's 48 degrees now and the wind is howling like a banshee out there.  Crazy crazy weather I tell ya!!

I told you guys the other day I was on a breakfast kick last weekend and today finishes up my breakfast streak.  Yeah, I'm not gonna lie I don't get up and make the Hubster breakfast every morning. Shame on me I know but I try to make up for it on the weekends every once in awhile.   Since you know we are heading out for Spring Break this weekend (don't even try to rob my house, our police friend is keeping an eye on things for us and the neighbors have been adequately prepped to "shoot to seriously mame" anyone seen at our house while we are gone) we are trying to eat everything perishable in the house.
This is Sundays solution to fresh items:

I just chopped up some tomatoes, fresh jalapenos and a little green onion.
Threw those into a bowl of eggs and a little milk.

I love how the sun streams into the windows onto my butcher block in the morning.
(see that pineapple in the background? I ate the WHOLE dang thing yesterday by myself!)

And the sun shines in glorious streams onto some bacon that needed to be finished off.

Just toss all of that (minus the bacon) into the big iron skillet.

Cook nice and slow and stir often.

When those eggs are nice and cooked toss in that lovely bacon.

Now spread those eggs out on a nice tortilla and sprinkle on some cheese.
(did you really think I'd not use cheese??? you must know me better by now)

Put those on a nice plate with a dipping bowl of salsa and enjoy the breakfast.

You should eat both of them because we're off to see this.......

guy play a little baseball!!!
(I can't explain why but this picture seriously just shreds my heart and makes mommy tears flow--in a good way.  Thanks Hubster for taking this picture!!!!)

OMG people how I've missed this!!  
That's my kiddo and I knew I missed watching him play baseball but I didn't realize how happy I felt when I watched him doing something he so tremendously loves!!
I know lots of you have those little guys (& gals) playing baseball and sometimes the endless practices and the long weekends full of game after game seems tiring, I pinky swear promise that one day you will long for those days again.  Enjoy every minute your tushy is numb from sitting on those bleachers.  They are learning so many valuable life lessons out there on that field and if they love it from the bottom of their toes....enjoy it with them!!!!

Peace, Love & Baseball Yummies!!


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