Monday, March 19, 2012

Pre Vacation yard work

Hi dee ho my peeps!!
Well I'm back from Spring break and it's just a bummer. There's just no other way to put how you feel when you get home from vacation except bummed.  No one comes to make your bed in the morning, you have to make your own meals, the bed isn't turned down with chocolates on the pillow when you get ready at night.  The wet towels are yours to pick up and launder....reality stinks!!

Anyway I had great plans to blog while on vacay but you know what?? We had such a stinking great time going from dawn to dusk (not really but it sure felt like it!!) that I just didn't have time.  I enjoyed my family and it was wonderful!!  Our only disagreements came when it was time to eat and no one wanted to make the call and unfortunately usually everyone is just tired and hungry by that time so tempers are short.  I'm going to start off back tracking to before we left for vacation and then this week we'll move through the last week and hey, I might cook a little bit too!!

We decided spring has come to Texas a wee bit early this year so it's time to get the backyard spruced up and ready!!

We added these BIG pots around our fire pit area & I'm hoping they grow and trail all down the sides.

Another shot with some Carolina Jessamine...and yes, that lattice piece seriously needs painted to match the fence!!!

Here's the Hubster working away on my other goodie we added this year.

A veggie garden!!

I got this idea from the ole' Pinterest.   I used cinder blocks turned on their sides to plant my herbs, lettuce and spinach in.  So far I love it!!

Here's another view of the garden area.
I'm hoping for bumper crops!!!

Last years pots got some Big tomatoes and those are onion sprouts stinking out of there too.
The Hubster promised the tomatoes wouldn't taste like onions.

And because spring decided to come early my tulips started blooming.....just BEFORE I leave for vacation!!   I snagged a few to snap a picture and enjoy before we left.
I mean really, I planted 100 tulip bulbs in my flower beds and they couldn't wait until I got home to bloom???   What is the world coming to???

The pots on the back porch got patio cherry tomatoes and some basil....and yes, those are more onions.
When you buy onions to plant you get a LOT of onions!!!!!

Before we left we also enjoyed salads with the lettuce and spinach from the garden.
I picked it pretty good and we'll have salads again tonight with the growth from the week we were gone on vacation!!  

And this is jasmine and if you stand where the wind is blowing (and it always blows in Texas) you get the most heavenly aroma wafting through the air!

This is our fire pit now with the new pots all ready for spring.
You'll also notice to the far right...I washed all the tennis shoes before vacation too.  :0)
(and you can see how bad I need to paint that lattice work!!)

Behind the fire pit I planted oh about a bazillion different spring bulbs.
We'll see how many actually come up out of the ground but keeping our fingers crossed!

I just love about you??
What kind of things are you already doing in your yard since spring has sprung??

Wait until you see how much everything grew in just the one week we were gone!!
I'll update the flowers/garden pics at the end of the week!

Peace, Love & Spring

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