Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cucumber Tomato Summer Salad (a.k.a. Thunder & Lightening)

Hey there Gang!!
Well please forgive my badness but I totally forgot that I promised you this wonderful summer salad last Friday.  Time just seems to get away from me lately.  But no worries I'm here today with that lovely summer salad and promises of the BEST pork meat for tacos ever to come this week too!

For now let's get down to business and get this salad made because it is yummooooo and you also have to let it sit for a bit in the refrigerator.    My mama used to make a version of this all the time and I could live off of it in the summer.  Considering the number of cucumbers I'm getting this year from the garden we very well may be living off this soon.  I just can't possible eat that many cucumbers.  Well, I could but the gastronomical effects would not be pretty. Not pretty at all my friends and besides how do you think this came to be known as Thunder & Lightening in the first place)??!!

Moving on from that horrific thought....here is the lovely printable for this summertime gem.

First things first we are going to chop up the tomato, cucumbers, onion and jalapeno (if using)

See just cut those up in bite size chunks

In a jar with a good tight fitting lid  (pickle jars are excellent for this)
Combine the vinegar, water, dill, salt, olive oil & agave nectar
(no really...buy some agave nectar, it's awesomesauce)
Put the lid on the jar and shake your groove thing shake your groove thing ..yeah yeah!!

Stop dancing and pour that liquid over the top of those fresh veggies.
Come on now folks you know you were shaking yo groove thang in the kitchen.

Place covered dish in the refrigerator and let it set for a few hours
or even better a couple of days.  I know it's hard but really letting it chill in the fridge for a day or two is  the best way to go.   Dance some more, it'll take your mind off the food.

Time lapse..........
Now eat!!!   Yep dish it out and eat it up!

Eat lots and lots

relish it's freshness

bask in the warm glow of those jalapenos.
(yeah we are growing the jalapenos in the garden and man are they warm!!!)

I know I know... It's delish, you can thank me later

I even refill my bowl with more veggies when it starts running low.
No really I just did actually.

Now...onto the very serious matter of folding your shirts!
Yes my friends you heard me I had a major major happy happy Pinterest success today!
I mean a 100% bona fide success.

You see my tshirt drawer was looking like this:

I mean it wasn't tooooo terribly bad.  I was rolling the shirts and could get two layers of tshirts in each drawer but they were still hard to find.

Enter the brilliant world of Pinterest

Take your shirt and lay the design side face down
(yes I am aware that my design is facing up but I switched it around)

Fold the shirt in half lengthwise
(You will also need to forgive the lack of comforter in my room.  I used our bed linens in our condo in Florida and well now...I just can't seem to decide what I'm getting to replace it with.)

Fold the sleeves in

Fold in half width wise

Fold again width wise

Stack LARGE numbers of tshirts in your drawers
(you can't tell from the picture but I actually have room for more shirts!)

Proceed to do another drawer then get real excited and do more.
By the way Hubster, I finished refolding your shirts too!

If this is confusing please go to this link because that's where I got it and it's just darn near brilliant!
And she does a much better job of explaining this than I do.


Now get off the computer, make some Thunder & Lightening and then refold every tshirt in your house and bask in the organized delightfulness of your dresser drawers!!

So tell me, what kind of Pinterest success stories do you have??

Peace, Love & Yummies!!

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