Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zesty Shredded Pork

Hi and how are you and all that jazz!!!  I'm just too excited about this recipe so I'm just going to jump right in to it!!

I'm telling you this was handsdown byfar the bestest ever recipe for pork I've  made in my somewhat middle aged life!!  No seriously, we've had this on tortillas as tacos, on grilled cheese sandwiches and made nachos from it.   Every single tasty delicious bite of this meat was consumed at our house.  Not a leftover in site!

Pork Shoulder (per my standard mine it was frozen)
1 heaping teaspoon dried oregano
1 heaping teaspoon cumin
1 heaping teaspoon chili powder
1-2 Tablespoons salt ( I used a hefty heaping Tablespoon)
1-2 Tablespoon pepper   (I used 1 heaping)
3-4 cloves garlic ( I used 3 -1/2 heaping teaspoons of the jarred variety)
1-2 Tablespoons olive oil  (I used 2)
2 Tablespoons white vinegar
1 Tablespoon lemon juice (yes mine was from the bottle)
1/4 cup brown sugar (yes, a heaping measure again)
1 onion, chopped (mine was frozen)

I know this seems like a long list but you are cooking in the crock pot so it's not complicated.

You will also need:
1/4 cup Limeade
3/4 cup mexican beer
1/2 cup water

p.s. We got a new big ole' Kroger store by our house and this limeade and other lemonade varieties were on sale for $1 each.  They are quite delicious; which means I'll probably end up paying the regular price for them now.

2nd p.s.- when you mix this limeade with some maraschino cherry juice it makes a nice cherry limeade.

3rd p.s.- make your husband one too because he'll just drink yours if you don't.

oops train derailed on that thought process so let's just back on track here

Rinse and pat dry the pork shoulder with paper towels.
I did this but I'm not sure why other than the inspiration recipe I used told me to and sometimes I just don't question the rules.    You know like saving your bacon grease in the refrigerator.
Seriously do save your bacon grease??!!!!

My onions are pre-chopped and frozen so I dropped them in the food processor for a minute to just break up the large chunk of frozen onions.

Now add in the oregano, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and brown sugar.

Give it a few good pulses until it kinda resembles a spicy onion smoothie.
ewww yeah I know that's sounds gross but it's really the best way I can describe the texture for you.

Now pat that nice onion mixture on the bottom of the pork shoulder.
Your hands will be freezing now so go ahead and plop that side down in the crock pot then you can finish coating the pork shoulder with the icy concoction.

See how it's all covered up in that crock pot??

It looks lonely so I think it's time to give it some liquid

pour the beer, limeade and water AROUND the shoulder.
Not over don't want to wash off that blanket of spicy onion yumminess.

Now plop the lid on the baby and put it to bed in that crock pot on low for about 7-8 hours.
Try to resist the yummy smells lofting through your house and don't open the lid to peek.

When it's time to eat grab two forks and start shredding that meat

Have your husband take photos because it's not really possible to shred and take a photo at the same time.  Then tell said husband it really isn't necessary for him to take 50 pictures of you shredding the pork roast.  Oh wait, sorry that's just my Hubster that needs that reminder.

Now warm yourselves up some tortillas, put a little meat on there and top with a bit of cheese and some fresh pico de gallo and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Proceed to scarfing that taco down super fast so you can make yourself another.

Try to eat the second one slower so you can savor it a bit more because you will really want a third taco and well, you know, you don't want to look like a pig.    You know can always make another when everyone else goes to bed or the next day when you can find a few moments home alone.  What???   Like I would do something like that??   I should be offended you would think such things about me.   Besides,  I couldn't get anyone to leave long enough for me to sneak in another one.  Sad but true.

The Hubster also made himself a grilled cheese the next day with this meat on it and some fresh sliced jalapenos from the garden.  It was very good like that too however I swear we are growing the feistiest jalapenos this side of the Rio Grand!!   Hot tamales I tell ya!!!

I also made nachos with the tiniest bit of leftover meat and they were Mucho Nacho Grande!!!

So that's it for today so might I suggest you get the stuff ready to make this lovely thing this weekend. 
I mean you know I wouldn't want to hog up the wonderfuldeliciousness of this superamazingyummy meal all to myself.  You know if the Mayans prediction is right and the world is ending in December well then heck I'm going out with a bang and a full tummy people!!

Oh and for goodness sakes I almost's the printable recipe.

So what kind of yummy things have you made for your family that made you pat yourself on the back and say "good job"?   Oh and whatever it was, please share. No hogging the goodies people!

Peace, Love & Yummies my friends!

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